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The ultimate in charity ‘branding’? BHA Chief Exec wears ‘happy human’ tattoo with pride

Leviticus 19:28: ‘Do not […] put tattoo marks on yourselves.’

British Humanist Association (BHA) Chief Executive Hanne Stinson has had the ‘Happy Human’ logo tattooed on her left arm, following a pledge made last year to do so if enough funds were raised, with all donations going to the BHA.

Ms Stinson, said, ‘We launched the ‘Living the Logo’ appeal when I committed myself to having the BHA’s ‘Happy Human’ logo tattooed on my arm if at least £20,000 was raised in donations to the appeal, with the size increasing up from 1cm the more funds that were raised.’

‘In the end, we raised over £25,000 in public donations and, in fact, I elected to have an even larger tattoo so that I could really wear our logo with pride. I was surprised at how remarkably unpainful it was to have done and I am really thrilled with it – and that we raised so much money!’

Ms Stinson continued, ‘In tough times such as these, everyone is feeling the pinch and, unfortunately, charitable giving is one of the first things people cut back on. Despite recent years being our most successful so far, we need to keep thinking of innovative fundraising ideas, to ensure that we have the funds to keep campaigning for our aims and to develop our extensive work in education.’


For comment or information, contact Hanne Stinson on 07764 947 249 or

The British Humanist Association (BHA) is the national charity representing and supporting the non-religious, campaigning for an end to religious privilege and to discrimination based on religion or belief and is the largest organisation in the UK working for a secular state.

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