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Rules on contraception and abortion advertising must be relaxed

The British Humanist Association (BHA) has today welcomed proposals that abortion clinics could soon be allowed to advertise on television and radio and that condoms could be advertised before the 9pm “watershed”.

Naomi Phillips, BHA Public Affairs Officer, said, ‘It is remarkable that abortion clinics are still prohibited from advertising in this country. Women have been able to access safe and legal abortions from the NHS or privately since the 1970s. Why should those who provide this basic healthcare service, which women have a fundamental right to access, be prevented from advertising their services?’

‘That condoms may be advertised earlier in the evening is also very positive news – young people must be able to access information about the importance of safer sex and television is an excellent medium for reaching the cohort which is most at risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancies.’

Ms Phillips continued, ‘We will be responding to the ASA’s consultation, supporting any measures which will relax the advertising rules around contraception and abortion.’


For more information, contact Naomi Phillips on 020 7079 3585.

The BHA is committed to encouraging informed and responsible choice. Therefore, we believe that all children are entitled to full and accurate SRE, including unbiased information on contraception, STDs, abortion, sexual orientation, and the many forms of family relationship conducive to individual fulfilment and the stability of society.

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