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Hussain Muradi moved to Dover, but told deportation “not imminent”

The British Humanist Association has reacted with alarm to the news that Hussain, a 24-year-old Afghan born asylum seeker, was moved to the Dover Removal Centre this morning prior to imminent deportation, which was due to take place tomorrow.

However, Andrew Copson, Director of Education and Public Affairs at the BHA, said today, “I’ve just spoke to Hussain. He wants to thank everyone at the BHA and the Council of Ex-Muslims and everyone who has emailed Phil Woolas about this case. He’s now been given his phone back and told that he’s no longer under imminent threat of deportation. But he’s not sure what that really means in practice and neither are we, especially given that he was only just moved to Dover. He is confused. We may have bought some time but we must keep up the pressure.”

Hussain has publicly renounced the religion he was brought up in, championing the human right to freedom of belief. There are very real concerns that he may be killed if he is forced to return to Afghanistan, as an “apostate” under Sharia law. (See more details from yesterday).

The BHA has called on the government to release him and grant him asylum.

Many hundreds of members and supporters of the BHA since they heard of Hussain’s situation yesterday have been emailing immigration minister Phil Woolas to do the same.

Take ActionYou can help in the first instance by emailing via our special campaign page. Update 15 September: This campaigns page is no longer active because the situation has changed.

Alternatively you can directly phone or email Phil Woolas MP or Muradi’s own constituency MP in Britain – contact details at

Having done one of these you could help further by sending email to your contacts, Sharing a link to the story from with your friends, or posting a message on Twitter like the following:

Save Hussain from deportation to Afghanistan where he faces execution for leaving Islam. @BHANews

Update 15 September: Again, the above-mentioned campaigns page is no longer active because the situation has changed.



For more information or comment from the Council of Ex-Muslims please contact Maryam Namazie, 07719166731 or email

For further comment or information from the BHA contact Andrew Copson on 07534 248 596.

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