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News round-up, August 2015

There are so many causes and campaigns, so this is just a selection of updates on issues that might interest humanists:

Climate and environment
Good news: Obama Sends ‘Memo To America’ On The Biggest Thing A President’s Ever Done On Climate Change
Bad news: National Geographic redraws its map to show melting Arctic
Population news from Population Matters “working to promote: • population concern • family planning • nature conservation • mindful consumption
And action news: Avaaz and The Climate Coalition plan the People’s Climate March on November 29th in time for the intergovernmental talks on climate in Paris – H4BW will be there so please save the date.

Human rights
Amnesty International UK petition “Sudan, don’t flog women for ‘indecent dress'” (i e, wearing trousers!)

Some alternatives to the vilification and scaremongering in our media:
The Worldwide Tribe “Documenting the story of the people in the ‘Jungle,’ – a refugee camp in Calais, France.  We are all the same.  The world is our home.” (Sounds very humanist to us!)

Refugee Council The Council’s Head of Advocacy Dr. Lisa Doyle: “It’s sad and shameful to hear of another avoidable tragedy unfolding on Europe’s doorstep. Appallingly, Europe has responded to the greatest global refugee crisis since the Second World War by building its walls ever higher: leaving refugees with no choice other than to place their lives into the hands of people smugglers and take ever greater risks in their search for safety. Unless Britain and European governments act to offer refugees credible, alternative routes to safety, people will continue to take desperate, fatal risks as they try to access the protection they’re entitled to. We’re calling on the Prime Minister to respond to this humanitarian crisis compassionately, by offering thousands of additional resettlement places and by making it easier for refugees to reunite with their family members who are already living in safety in Britain.”
Ask your MP to contact the Prime Minister.

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