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On Armistice Day, humanists remember those who gave their lives for freedom and democracy

Remembrance DayToday marks the 87th anniversary of the signing of armistice that marked the end of the First World War. Alongside Defence Humanists, the British Humanist Association (BHA) has, in recent years, campaigned for a more inclusive Remembrance Sunday, with the annual ceremony at the Cenotaph in London excluding official humanist representation. Many local humanist groups are now involved in their local ceremonies, and nationally there are more members of Defence Humanists than many of the minority faith groups, but there is still no place for the group.

BHA Director of Public Affairs and Campaigns Pavan Dhaliwal commented, ‘We continue to work with the Defence Humanists to push for humanist representation at Remembrance services including the official ceremony at the Cenotaph.

‘But Armistice Day isn’t about that. It’s about remembering those we lost, those we nearly lost, and more generally, the act of sacrifice itself. Today is not about war. It is certainly not pro-war. It is about history. It is about recognition of selflessness. And it is a powerful reminder that the tragedies of the past are all too easily repeated.

‘Today we remember everyone. Everyone who fought for freedom, everyone who lived and everyone who died, and every conscientious objector, too. We remember all these brave individuals who deserve our respect, for everything they sacrificed for their belief in freedom, democracy, and the dignity of their fellow human beings.’


For further comment or information contact Pavan Dhaliwal, Director of Public Affairs, at or on 0773 843 5059.

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