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Humanists UK represented at National Memorial to British Victims of Overseas Terrorism

Humanists UK is being represented today at the ceremony to unveil the National Memorial to British Victims of Overseas Terrorism at the National Memorial Arboretum. Chief Executive Andrew Copson is attending the dedication alongside those who have lost friends or family in a terrorist incident overseas, other representatives of civil society, and representatives of different religions.

The National Memorial is the first of its kind, and reflects the growing number of terrorist incidents that have occurred worldwide since the 1970s. Such incidents have been declining in number in Europe, with groups such as the IRA and ETA disarming, but other forms such as Islamist terrorism have been expanding, and increasingly used as a way to generate fear and gain attention.

Humanists UK Chief Executive Andrew Copson commented, ‘Terrorist attacks deliberately target the lives of innocent bystanders and destroy them in pursuit of some ideological goal that will most often never succeed in being realised.

‘Remembering those we have lost is a deeply personal act but in the case of today’s dedication it is also a public one. We are glad as humanists to play our part in the remembrance of those who lose their lives to random aggression in the blind pursuit of political ends and do our bit to elevate humanity above such acts.’


For further comment or information contact Richy Thompson, Director of Public Affairs and Policy at or 020 7324 3072.

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