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Parkfield Assistant Head Andrew Moffat to speak at Humanists UK Convention 2019

Andrew Moffat

Assistant Headteacher at Parkfield School, and author of the No Outsiders programme, Andrew Moffat, will speak at Humanists UK Convention 2019, taking place in Leicester over 21–23 June 2019.

Hundreds of parents have protested against the No Outsiders programme – designed to teach the Equality Act to primary school children – and withdrawn their children from school, using the old homophobic canard that their children are ‘too young’ to be taught about ‘LGBT issues’. In reality, many of these protesters simply oppose the idea that it is ‘okay to be gay’.

Andrew will speak alongside Humanists UK’s Education Campaigns Manager, Dr Ruth Wareham, who was a postdoctoral research fellow focusing on faith schools before starting at Humanists UK; and Aliyah Saleem, who attended ultra-conservative Deobandi madrassas, in Britain, where she was brought up with Salafi Islam before rejecting the religion at age 19, and went on to co-found apostasy support network Faith to Faithless. Journalist Felicity Hannah, who has written online against faith schools, will chair the session. Andrew will also be speaking at the LGBT Humanists Conference in Leicester that same weekend.

The Friday evening comedy night has gained another excellent performer. Comedian Cally Beaton will join Tim McGarry and Ed Byrne in kicking off the Humanists UK Convention 2019, welcoming attendees to Leicester.

Humanists UK Chief Executive Andrew Copson said,

‘With great comedy from Ed, Cally, and Tim, sessions from Professor Alice Roberts, Dr Adam Rutherford, Professor Sir John Curtice, and Baroness Joan Bakewell, and now with Andrew Moffat joining at this critical time for inclusive education, I’d implore humanists and friends from across the country to join us for a summer weekend in Leicester. We couldn’t be happier with our incredibly strong line-up of speakers and entertainers for Convention 2019 – and we’re looking forward to announcing our final line-up in the coming weeks.’


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