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‘Every Human Being’: campaign from Stephen Fry and Humanists UK to celebrate human rights

Humanists UK has teamed up with its patron Stephen Fry to launch a new campaign film entitled ‘Every Human Being’, which celebrates the commitment that humanists make towards the basic rights that everyone is entitled to by simple virtue of being human.

The 57-second video, narrated by Stephen Fry, opens with an allusion to Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, asserting ‘Every human being is born free and with equal rights.’ As it goes on, it enumerates fundamental rights such as ‘the right to be who you are, to love whom you love, to say what you mean, to make your own choices.’

As the film goes on, Stephen Fry relates this to the humanist idea of what makes ‘a good, meaningful life’.

The film is being published along with a series of shareable social media graphics from Humanists UK that pick out some of the key rights and ideas contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Acknowledging the fundamental rights of other people is key to the humanist understanding of right and wrong, but humanists make no special claim to these rights. The rights contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are based on common human needs and shared ideas of people from every corner of the world, and published as a universal declaration following the horrors of World War II, to act as universal standards to hold governments to account in pursuit of equal dignity for all people.

In an email sent to Humanists UK members and supporters at the start of the week, Stephen Fry explained:

For me, humanism is about showing respect and tolerance for others, thinking for ourselves, seeking knowledge and justice, and trying to promote happy, decent lives for everyone.

It’s easy to see how this approach leads to a compassionate, rational, and outward-looking perspective on the world.

As humanists, we have always stood up for human rights. That is to say, the basic rights and needs that each of us has by simple virtue of being human. Every human being.

Now more than ever, I think the world needs humanism.

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For more information contact Humanists UK press manager Casey-Ann Seaniger at or 020 7324 3078.

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