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Over 500 attend launch of Humanist Climate Action

Professor Alice Roberts, Mark Lynas, Profesor Ben Garrod, Dr Anjana Khatwa, and Professor Sarah Bridle speak at Humanist Climate Action launch

Clockwise, from top-middle: Professor Alice Roberts, Mark Lynas, Profesor Ben Garrod, Dr Anjana Khatwa, and Professor Sarah Bridle

On Friday over 500 people joined a dazzling lineup of scientists, authors, and broadcasters concerned by the threat of man-made climate change to discuss strategies, approaches, and ambitions to save our planet from a looming ecological crisis.

The event, entitled Climate Change: a Human Problem – a Human Solution, was organised to mark the official launch of Humanist Climate Action, a new volunteer-led group of Humanists UK members and supporters taking action together on climate change.

Humanists UK President Professor Alice Roberts chaired an impressive panel of experts, featuring astrophysicist-turned-food sustainability researcher Professor Sarah Bridle; the primatologist, conservationist, and broadcaster Professor Ben Garrod; Earth scientist and broadcaster Dr Anjana Khatwa; and the environmentalist author and campaigner Mark Lynas.

Following opening remarks, conversation soon turned to the urgency with which world governments must act on climate change, and how we must apply pressure to them; the need to remain wary of corporate attempts at ‘greenwashing’; the need to build a coherent and inspiring ‘narrative’ that brings people along; and the roles we can all play for the regeneration of the planet, making sure no voices are excluded or left behind.

The build-up to the event also saw many humanist activists planting trees, as part of an initiative to plant a ‘humanist forest’ to help tackle climate change.

Commenting on the event in a message of support to Humanist Climate Action, Professor Dame Anne Glover, Humanists UK patron and a former Chief Scientific Advisor to the Scottish Government and European Commission, said:

‘Science has provided us with the evidence about climate change. But really now it’s up to us. So use your imagination, and start contributing to the solution, and stop creating the problem.’

Those interested are invited to become part of Humanist Climate Action and follow its updates Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


For further comment or information, please contact Humanists UK Director of Public Affairs and Policy Richy Thompson at or phone 020 7324 3072 or 07534 248 596.

Humanist Climate Action is a volunteer-led network of Humanists UK members and supporters committed to redefining lifestyles and campaigning for policies that promote low-carbon, ethical, and sustainable living in the light of the degeneration of the Earth’s climate and biodiversity. It aims to bring humanists together to facilitate individual and collective action on these issues.

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