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Northern Ireland marriage and abortion rights campaigners win 2018 Humanist of the Year Award

A group of Northern Ireland Humanists campaigners have won the 2018 Humanist of the Year Award for their work in legalising humanist marriages in Northern Ireland and campaigning for the human rights of women, including access to legal abortions. 2018 has been a successful year for humanist campaigning in Northern Ireland with the introduction of […]

Equality for LGBT couples as Northern Ireland sees first legal same-sex marriage

Northern Ireland has heralded in a historic law change, with the first legal same-sex marriage taking place in Carrickfergus today. Northern Ireland Humanists has described it as an ‘incredible day’ for LGBT rights after decades of campaigning for legal same-sex marriages. The first marriage is a civil marriage, but Northern Ireland Humanists is looking forward […]

Humanists launch Northern Ireland’s first billboards advertising legal same-sex marriages

The first billboards advertising legal same-sex marriages in Northern Ireland have been erected across Belfast today by Northern Ireland Humanists, marking the traditionally conservative country’s groundbreaking progress towards an inclusive, tolerant society. Northern Ireland Humanists, which conducts humanist marriages, funerals, and naming ceremonies and has a long history of campaigning for human rights, including legal […]

‘Extraordinary’ day as Northern Ireland legalises abortion, same-sex marriage

The decriminalisation of abortion and legal same-sex marriages in Northern Ireland look all but certain to be given the green light at midnight tonight. Northern Ireland Humanists and Humanists UK, which have campaigned for decades on legal same-sex marriages and abortion in Northern Ireland, said it is an ‘extraordinary’ moment for LGBT and women’s rights. […]

Parliament passes landmark Northern Ireland abortion, same-sex marriage legislation with early 2020 implementation date

The Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) 2017-2019 Bill passed through all remaining stages of debate in Parliament yesterday with overwhelming support, meaning that unless power-sharing resumes beforehand, by early 2020 same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland is set to become legal, abortion is set to be decriminalised, and provision is to be made for legal abortion in […]

MPs vote to compel legal same-sex marriage and abortion in Northern Ireland

MPs have voted today in favour of compelling the UK Government to make same-sex marriage legal in Northern Ireland, to decriminalise abortion, and to make provision for legal abortion in the cases of sexual crime and foetal abnormality. The Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill, as amended, will now require the Government to change the law […]

UK Government set to be held to account over Northern Ireland abortion and same-sex marriage law

The UK Government is now to be held to account by the UK Parliament over the abortion and same-sex marriage laws in Northern Ireland and the human rights breaches those laws cause, after a new Bill was passed in the House of Lords last night. The Bill is a move that gives renewed hope to […]

First legal humanist marriages in Northern Ireland since Court ruling to occur this weekend

In June, the Belfast Court of Appeal ruled that humanist marriages must be legally recognised in Northern Ireland. This weekend, the first two legal marriages to follow that ruling will occur. On Saturday, Emma Taylor and Paul Malone will be getting married at Queen’s University Belfast, while on Sunday, Alanna McCaffrey and Ronan Johnson will be getting […]

Two bills to enact same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland pass first reading in UK Parliament

Today, the House of Commons passed a Ten Minute Rule Bill brought forward by Labour MP Conor McGinn to enact same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, five years after same-sex couples were granted marriage equality in England and Wales. This means that the Bill will progress to the second reading stage. It follows the successful first […]

Northern Ireland Court of Appeal holds final hearing in humanist marriage case

The Northern Ireland Court of Appeal has held what is expected to be the final of its four hearings as to whether to extend legal recognition to humanist marriages. The hearing, which took place on Monday, follows on from Northern Ireland Humanists patrons Laura Lacole and Eunan O’Kane seeking to have their humanist wedding ceremony […]

New poll shows majority in Northern Ireland back same-sex marriage

A new poll released by Northern Ireland polling and market research company, Lucidtalk, has revealed that a majority (61%) of the population are in favour of same-sex marriage. This includes 91% of those who support republican parties, and 93% of those who support neither republican nor unionist parties. Northern Ireland Humanists has again called for […]

Northern Ireland Court of Appeal stays humanist marriage case pending further negotiations

The Northern Ireland Court of Appeal has today heard the Government’s appeal to the Belfast High Court ruling extending legal recognition to humanist marriages in Northern Ireland. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Court decided to issue a further stay on the High Court ruling, in order that the different parties in the case […]

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