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Schools ordered to continue teaching creationism by religious body in spite of Government ban

A religious organisation responsible for overseeing a number of state, private, and nursery schools in England has instructed its institutions to continue teaching creationism as fact in spite of requirements that prohibit such teaching. Humanists UK, which ran the ‘Teach evolution, not creationism’ campaign that led to teaching creationism as science being outlawed in English […]

Faith groups demand Government’s permission for homophobic teaching in English schools

A number of fundamentalist and fringe religious groups are seeking to undermine the Government’s plans for relationships and sex education (RSE) in English schools by opposing teaching about same-sex relationships, Humanists UK can reveal. The Department for Education’s (DfE) consultation on Relationships Education (RelEd) in primaries and RSE in secondaries closed on Monday. Whilst the […]

Humanists UK calls for an end to non-stunned meat being served in Lancashire schools

Humanists UK has responded to a consultation by Lancashire County Council on a proposal to remove meat from its schools meals that was slaughtered without being pre-stunned, causing unnecessary pain and suffering to the animal. In October 2017, Lancashire County Council voted in favour of removing non-stunned meat products from 27 of its schools catering […]

Consultation: RSE and PSHE in English Schools

The consultation has now closed.

Church of England criticised by Ofsted for obstructing crackdown on illegal religious schools

The Church of England has been criticised by Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman for frustrating Government efforts to regulate unregistered schools, many of which are religious. Speaking at a Church of England conference yesterday, the Chief Inspector stated that tackling illegal religious schools ‘requires changes to legislations’, and that ‘it is a matter of regret […]

Church of England side-steps rules in attempted takeover of community schools

Contravening the Government’s model documentation for multi-academy trusts (MATs), a Church of England diocese is seeking to gain majority control of seven schools with no religious character as part of plans for a new MAT in Yorkshire. Despite the fact that just two of the nine schools in the proposed MAT are voluntary controlled church […]

Hackney Council slams Government for ‘woefully inadequate’ efforts on illegal religious schools

Concerns raised about the safety, wellbeing, and education of children trapped within unregistered religious schools in Hackney have been ignored by the Department for Education, Hackney Council has claimed. In a report out today, Hackney’s Children and Young People Scrutiny Commission stated that it is ‘baffled by an apparent lack of desire on the part […]

‘No room at the inn’: new report reveals religious discrimination in Church of England secondary schools is increasing

The number of places at Church of England secondary schools that are subject to religious selection criteria has increased in the last five years, a new report by Humanists UK has found. Despite claims made by the Church of England, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, that ‘there is a steady move away from faith based entry tests’ in Church […]

Coalition of groups call upon Scottish Government to allow pupils to withdraw from collective worship in schools

A coalition of Scottish charities and youth representatives, coordinated by Humanist Society Scotland (HSS), has written to the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Education calling for young people to have the right to withdraw themselves from religious observance in state schools. Religious observance, known as collective worship in the rest of the UK, is compulsory in […]

Ofsted sounds alarm over increase in extreme private and illegal religious schools

In its Annual Report, out today, Ofsted has expressed alarm at the ‘increasing number of conservative religious schools that are spreading beliefs that clash with British values and equalities law’, as well as the ‘even more extreme’ illegal unregistered schools, which it says are ‘inadequately’ regulated to be able to tackle. Humanists UK leads the […]

Local residents call for fully inclusive, non-denominational schools

83% of residents in the London Borough of Hackney believe that schools should be ‘non-denominational’ in character and open to all, a new report has revealed. Humanists UK, which campaigns for all schools to be of this nature, has stated that the findings demonstrate once again that the public are overwhelmingly opposed to the segregating […]

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