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Ofsted sounds alarm over increase in extreme private and illegal religious schools

In its Annual Report, out today, Ofsted has expressed alarm at the ‘increasing number of conservative religious schools that are spreading beliefs that clash with British values and equalities law’, as well as the ‘even more extreme’ illegal unregistered schools, which it says are ‘inadequately’ regulated to be able to tackle. Humanists UK leads the […]

Local residents call for fully inclusive, non-denominational schools

83% of residents in the London Borough of Hackney believe that schools should be ‘non-denominational’ in character and open to all, a new report has revealed. Humanists UK, which campaigns for all schools to be of this nature, has stated that the findings demonstrate once again that the public are overwhelmingly opposed to the segregating […]

Archbishop of Canterbury admits to forcing the Prime Minister to abandon crackdown on illegal religious schools

The Archbishop of Canterbury has admitted to personally lobbying former Prime Minister David Cameron to drop proposals aimed at tackling illegal, extremist religious schools and safeguarding the children with them. During a debate on education in the House of Lords, the Archbishop conceded that such settings were ‘abusive, ill-maintained…[and] indoctrinated children in an unhealthy way’, […]

Archbishop of Canterbury attacks non-Church schools as immoral

In a stunning attack both on the values of non-Christian parents and teachers and on non-church schools, the Archbishop of Canterbury has stated that the education system ‘lacks clear, internal and commonly held values’, and that in ‘schools that are not of a religious character, confidence in any personal sense of ultimate values has diminished’. […]

Catholic schools reported to Department for Education for unlawful promotion of political action on faith school admissions proposals

A number of Catholic schools in England, as well as the bodies responsible for running them, have been reported by Humanists UK to the Department for Education (DfE) and Ofsted over the alleged unlawful unbalanced treatment of political issues. Humanists UK has identified that the schools concerned have been encouraging families to campaign for further […]

Newfoundland and Labrador ends Operation Christmas Child in its schools

The Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador’s English School District (NLESD, which controls all but six schools in the province) has formally brought an end to the Operation Christmas Child (OCC) ‘shoebox appeal’ operating in its schools, citing concerns over the homophobia and extreme religious views in Samaritan’s Purse, the charity which runs the scheme. […]

Humanists UK asks Ofsted to take strong stance on faith schools with a sexist ethos

Following reports that at least one mixed-sex religious school unlawfully segregating girls and boys may be allowed by the Government to simply split into separate single-sex schools, Humanists UK has written to Ofsted to raise concerns about the impact that this may have on pupils’ education. In a judgment handed down by the Court of […]

Government commits to updated guidance on home education in light of concerns over unregistered religious schools

The Department for Education (DfE) will consult on new guidance around home education, it has been announced in Parliament. According to Education Minister Lord Agnew, the new guidance will aim to make clearer to councils what powers they currently have to check up on home education, as well as advise parents on their rights and […]

Faith schools teaching narrow, unaccredited ‘Religious Studies GCSE’ in defiance of DfE rules

In defiance of a Government requirement for GCSE Religious Studies (RS) to include the in-depth study of at least two religions, a number of faith schools are opting to teach a narrower ‘International GCSE’ course focusing study only on the religion of the school, it has been revealed. The International GCSE in Religious Studies, produced […]

Half of private faith schools judged as failing by inspectors

Almost half (49%) of private faith schools have been judged as failing by Ofsted due to concerns over leadership and the promotion of ‘British values’, new official statistics have revealed. Humanists UK, which campaigns for private faith schools to be held to higher standards, has stated that the new figures demonstrate the risks of allowing […]

Children’s Commissioner for England joins calls for action on illegal religious schools

The Children’s Commissioner for England has expressed concern about the number of illegal schools, many of them religious, operating in England, and joined calls for greater action to protect the children who attend them. In a briefing ‘designed to shine a light on children who are known to be, or at higher risk of, falling […]

DfE allows gender segregated faith school to split into two single-sex schools

A religious school in London that segregates girls and boys for the entirety of their education will be allowed by the Department for Education (DfE) to split into two single-sex schools to avoid criticism from Ofsted, it has been confirmed. The decision follows a judgment handed down by the Court of Appeal in October deeming […]

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