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Humanist weddings in Northern Ireland: everything you need to know

Humanists weddings are legally recognised in Northern Ireland, which means couples can get married in a humanist ceremony and complete legal documentation at the same time. (Marriage law is different in different parts of the UK and crown dependencies.) When did humanist weddings become legal in Northern Ireland? Humanist weddings  gained legal recognition in Northern […]

Calls for legally recognised humanist marriages as religious weddings to resume in England

The Prime Minister has today announced that from 4 July, ‘places of worship [in England] will be able to reopen for prayer and services – including weddings with a maximum of 30 people’. However, the UK Government has said nothing about the resumption of civil marriages. Humanists UK has long campaigned for legal recognition of […]

Celebrating same-sex weddings

Same-sex weddings are no different to opposite-sex weddings in that both are about the love two people have for one another and involve making a public commitment in front of friends and family. We know that love is love — and we celebrate it!

Pets at weddings | Can I include my dog in my humanist wedding ceremony?

Humanist weddings are all about individuality. At Humanist Ceremonies, we say, ‘It’s your wedding, your way’, and if your dog is a huge part of your life and you want them at your wedding, then they should be at your wedding! It’s already quite common for humanist weddings to include a couple’s children – which […]

Same-sex humanist weddings in Northern Ireland

After the first legal same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, Laura Wylie reflects on what legal marriage means to her and her partner, Erica. When we first think of marriage, I guess we think of all the lovely things that go along with it – making pancakes on a Sunday, watching our children take their first […]

Five romantic poems for humanist weddings

A humanist wedding ceremony tells the personal love story of a couple, and so each one is unique. Some couples have favourite poems that they’d like to read or have read at their wedding, but what if you like the idea of including a poem but don’t know which to choose? That’s where your humanist […]

Humanist weddings | Your wedding, your way

Humanist weddings are personal, meaningful, and unique. Each ceremony is individually created specifically for the couple to tell their love story. No two ceremonies are ever the same!

Humanists in England and Wales call for legal humanist weddings as Scottish Parliament officially recognises humanist ceremonies for marriage provision in law

Thousands of humanists in England and Wales have been calling on the Government to give legal recognition to humanist weddings this Valentine’s Day, while in Scotland the Scottish Parliament has officially recognised Humanist Society Scotland (HSS) as the first non-religious organisation with a permanent right in law to conduct legal marriages under the 1977 Marriage […]

Humanist weddings continue to surge in number, bucking national trend

The British Humanist Association (BHA) has called for legal recognition to be given to humanist weddings across the UK, as new national marriage figures in England and Wales show that marriages overall have declined in number at the same time as non-legal humanist weddings have surged in popularity. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has […]


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Humanist Weddings

Humanist weddings Latest news In England, the UK Government has told us that ‘humanist wedding ceremonies may take place, with up to 30 people, from 4 July in line with guidance outlined.’ Ceremonies in England should follow the social distancing guidance, which says ‘To avoid risks of transmission and stay as safe as possible, you […]

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