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Humanists for a Better World provides a network for UK humanists who’d like to share information and take individual and/or collective action on international ethical and sustainability issues such as peace and international co-operation, global justice, climate change and the environment.

Though the issues that Humanists for a Better World is concerned about affect each other and overlap in many ways, we recognise that, however concerned we may be, few people have time to take action on all of them.  Click here for more about Humanists for a Better World, with links to items on the issues and why humanists might care enough about at least some of them to take action: from signing a petition to writing to an MP or a newspaper; from spreading the word among your networks to joining other humanists on a demonstration…

If you’d like to get occasional emails about current actions,  please go to the mailing list at and sign up there (we only contact you by email, and only occasionally).

Or you can follow Humanists for a Better World on Twitter @humanists4bw or join our Facebook group– two quick ways for humanists to keep in touch with H4BW and share info, news and campaigns.

  • For current events, actions and campaigns, see our News, Events and Actions.
  • For accounts of events and campaigns Humanists for a Better World has supported or attended since we began see Campaign Updates.
  • For further information on many of the issues that concern humanists see Useful  Information.
  • See our Links for some useful links for campaigners.

“The oceans are already rising. Either we sink, separately, or swim, together.” (Professor Colin Blakemore, patron of Humanists UK and of Humanists for a Better World)

“Peace is one of the fundamental criteria for the long term survival of the human species and should be a concern of all humanists.”  (Humanists International)

“The threat of climate change is the biggest potential danger we face, and we seem to have no idea either how important it is or how to stop doing the things that are causing it.” (Humanists UK patron Philip Pullman ‘If I were Prime Minister’ in The Independent, 31 January 2015)

“When you think about losing what you love because of climate change, it’s a no-brainer to want to see things change for good.” (Humanists UK patron Stephen Fry in the RSPB magazine Nature’s Home)

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