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2010 Lectures

The sell-out Darwin Day Lecture 2010 took place at Conway Hall on February 11th. “Darwin and Human Evolution” was the subject addressed by Professor Chris Stringer.  Chaired by Richard Dawkins, Patron of the BHA. Read a report of the lecture.

The sell-out Voltaire Lecture 2010, entitled “The Value of Big Science: CERN, the LHC and the exploration of the Universe”, was delivered by Professor Brian Cox on 6th April at Conway Hall. The event was chaired by Polly Toynbee, President of the BHA. Video and report of the lecture.

2009 Lectures

Evolutionary Theory: Is This All There Is? was a successful day-conference chaired by Peter Cave on October 31st. Evolutionary Theory was discussed in relation to human psychology, ethics and the meaning of life by Susan Blackmore, Simon Blackburn, John Cottingham, David Papineau, Janet Radcliffe Richards, Michael Reiss and Richard Norman.

The sell-out Darwin Day Lecture 2009 was held on 11th February at Conway Hall. Sir David King posed the question, “Can British Science Rise to the New Challenges of the Twenty-First Century?” Chaired by Professor Richard Dawkins, Patron of the BHA. Video and report of the lecture.

In the Voltaire Lecture 2009, chaired by Polly Toynbee, Kenan Malik explored the relationship between science, race and Darwinism under the banner, “The Guilt of Science? Race, Science and Darwin”. The event took place on April 23rd 2009 at Conway Hall. Read a report of the lecture.

The downloadable Bentham Lecture 2009 delivered by Richard Reeves, Director of the think-tank Demos, made the case that true liberalism – the liberalism of Mill – is not the problem, but the solution to the moral and societal problems facing us today. Held on November 26th and chaired by Peter Cave.Video and report of the lecture.


2008 Lectures

The sell-out Darwin Day Lecture 2008 was held on 12th February. Tim Lewens posed the question, “Charles Darwin: A Philosophical Naturalist?”  Chaired by Richard Dawkins, Patron of the BHA.

In the Voltaire Lecture 2008, Raymond Tallis, a Patron of the BHA, asked “Is Human Freedom Possible?” The lecture was held on April 10th at University College London.

The popular Bentham Lecture 2008 considered “Terrorism, Torture and Human Rights”.  Professor Jonathan Glover argued that while human rights remain a philosophically awkward concept, there is nevertheless good reason to prohibit torture – and indeed to “take the option off the table”. Watch a videoof the lecture.

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