What you can do to help

Three ways you can make a difference…Take Action

Get involved with our most urgent campaigns

  1. Let’s end religious selection in state-funded schools!

The BHA is pleased to support the Fair Admissions Campaign, a new campaign which aims to open up all state-funded schools in England and Wales to all children, without regard to religion. Find out more about our involvement and how you can get involved.

  1. Write to your MP about censored exam questions, creationist nurseries and more

A whole range of issues involving state recognition of creationism have occurred in the last few weeks, and we believe it’s time to get everyone writing to their MPs to speak out. We’ve provided an online service through which it’s easily possible to do so.

  1. 2014 ‘faith’ Schools officer fundraising appeal

Please donate today to fund and resource Britain’s only dedicated campaigner against ‘faith’ schools – a fundamental part of the BHA’s campaigns team and all our work on religion and schools.

Want to do more?

  • See our campaign toolkit to learn more about writing to MPs, Ministers and your local press
  • Check each of our campaign pages for what you can do to help on the topics that interest you most