Featured Celebrant: June 2017

Audrey Simmon, London


Why did you become a humanist celebrant?

I became a celebrant because I loved the idea of being part of a couple’s most important day.  These ceremonies are markers for important events in people’s lives, that have for too long being associated with god and religion, and it is great that as part of Humanist UK, I can provide these celebrations in a way that represent people’s views and how they are choosing to live their lives.  I also have to say I am incredibly nosy and love finding out about people’s relationships, how they got together and all the stories that go with their relationship.  I feel that really getting to know a couple is so important to delivering a really individual and personal service that a couple and their friends and families will remember and truly appreciate.


What kind of ceremony do you find most satisfying?

I have not yet performed any ceremonies, but am performing my first ceremony in August and am really looking forward to it.  I have had tremendous support from other celebrants and am truly grateful for their encouragement and practical support that has got me this far. I feel well prepped for undertaking my first steps into the world of being a celebrant, but also know that I can contact my colleagues if I need advice or continued support.


What’s your advice to someone wanting to become a Humanist Celebrant?

I would say go for it.  We need a variety of celebrants to provide the kind of ceremonies that people are increasingly demanding and we at Humanist UK should be at the forefront of this increase in demand. The training does prepare you, and the trainers are accomplished and knowledgeable.  The first steps are a little scary, but I would say, do not let those initial wobbles deter you.


Tell us about some of your most memorable moments. 

The first interview I conducted, was my most memorable moment so far.  It took place in a quite bar and we chatted for ages about Humanism and who they are as a couple and a whole bunch of other things, it was very relaxed and even as we talked I knew that I have made the right choice in becoming a celebrant, as I loved it.

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