Poems of love for a humanist funeral

Poetry brings comfort to many people and it often features in funeral ceremonies. And while every humanist ceremony is unique, we find that there are some poems which are requested more than others as readings for humanist funerals. There is no religious content in a humanist ceremony, but secular readings and poems often feature. Some […]

Uplifting and humorous poems for a humanist funeral

Humanist funeral ceremonies focus on the person who has died – their story, their history, their unique qualities, and the relationships they forged. Secular readings and poems often feature in humanist funeral ceremonies and, like popular pieces of music, there are some poems which are more frequently chosen than others – some are humorous and […]

What is a humanist funeral ceremony?

With the growth in demand for non-religious services for weddings, funerals, and namings, it’s no surprise that ‘What is a humanist funeral?’ or ‘What happens at a humanist funeral?’ are popular questions on social media these days. It’s likely you may have been to a humanist funeral yourself or know someone who has. With over […]