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The History of LGBT Humanists

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March 19th, 2021 7:00 PM   --   8:30 PM

LGBT Humanists was founded in 1979 as the Gay Humanist Group, partly responding to the 1976 prosecution of Gay News for blasphemous libel. Since, they have been a major force for activism, a space for community, and a network of support for thousands. The longer history of humanism in the UK also offers an array of inspiring LGBT individuals – both better and lesser known – as well as groups like the British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology (formed in 1914), which aimed to take a rational stance on sex and sexuality, with an eye on law reform. This online talk will explore the history of these groups and figures, putting LGBT Humanists in the context of a long tradition of change-making.

This talk draws on research carried out as part of the Humanist Heritage project, celebrating 125 years of Humanists UK.

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