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What can the pandemic teach us about tackling climate change? An online discussion | Young Humanists

May 28th, 2021 7:30 PM   --   9:00 PM

Science communication and advocacy have formed an important part of efforts to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. From promoting the safety and efficacy of vaccines to combatting conspiracy theories and fake news, those who advocate evidence-based policy have seen their ideas tested more rigorously, and with more life-changing consequences, than ever before.

But how can we apply these experiences to what is arguably the greatest existential threat that we face as a species and a planet: climate change? If radical measures are not taken to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss, rising global temperatures will lead to damaging environmental changes such as extreme weather conditions, increased flooding, soil degradation, and desertification, all with potentially devastating impacts on habitations and food production.

Join us as we discuss what humanists can learn from the Covid-19 pandemic about how to approach the threat of climate change. How can we encourage public understanding of the evidence for climate change and take-up of mitigation strategies? What goals should we set ourselves as a movement? Can we use this as a moment to reset our relationship with the environment? These are just some of the questions that, with your help, we will address in this open and inclusive discussion.

Spaces are limited and registration is essential. To reserve a space for you and your household, please register. We will be using Zoom and a link will be emailed to you ahead of the event.

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