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LGBT Humanists

LGBT Humanists is the LGBT section of Humanists UK.


For over 30 years LGBT Humanists has promoted Humanism as a rational, naturalistic worldview that trusts the scientific method as the most reliable route to truth and encourages a moral and ethical life based on logic, reason and compassion. It campaigns for equality and diversity, particularly relating to sexual orientation and identity – both in the UK and internationally. Since 2012 it is proud to be the LGBT section of Humanists UK. It is volunteer-led and funded by supporter donations.

Founded in 1979, LGBT Humanists is a democratic organisation based in the UK, providing community activities and activism opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender humanists, as well as promoting LGBT rights and understanding of humanism as part of Humanists UK.

LGBT Humanists is an important part of the European and international Humanist movements, affiliated to the European Humanist Federation and International Humanist and Ethical Union. LGBT Humanists is part of the global promotion of LGBT rights, affiliated to the International Lesbian and Gay Association and Amnesty International and a strong supporter of the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO).

Our vision

LGBT Humanists wants lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual people to enjoy equal rights to everyone else. People should be able to live according to humanist values with no special privileges for other worldviews.


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What we do

LGBT Humanists promotes Humanism and LGBT equality, working to combat prejudice and discrimination against humanists and lesbians and gay men. In furtherance of these aims it:

  • Holds regular open, public meetings in London with speakers and discussions
  • Maintains a website, promoting their work worldwide and linking to other relevant online resources and organisations.
  • Carries out other occasional media work including radio, press and TV to promote its aims.
  • Makes submissions to government committees and responds to government consultative documents concerning LGBT rights.
  • Supports demonstrations and other groups that advance these aims.
  • Provides stalls and information at Public Events for lesbian/gay and Humanists.
  • Publicises the work of a public figures involved in LGBT and/or Humanism rights through Residential Weekend Conferences and an Annual Lunch (both events are open to the public – though the weekend incorporates the AGM where only members are entitled to vote.).

Get involved:


Please click here to join LGBT Humanists via the Humanists UK website.

Existing members of Humanists UK can join LGBT Humanists by logging in to your account, going to ‘My Dashboard’, then clicking on ‘Join’ in the ‘Sections’ area.

Joining LGBT Humanists is your way to be part of this important work. Membership is open to all who support these aims.


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Volunteers are always needed, particularly on the committee. Volunteers can also:

  • Help run events either in London or local to you.
  • People are needed to co-ordinate as the LGBT rep with local Humanist groups.
  • Organise or just help on the Pride Stalls that tend to run May – September each year.
  • Write a letter to your MP about current affairs that concern you.
  •  Blog about the issues and send links

Get in touch if there’s one of those you’re interested in. Email


Join or affiliate your university or local humanist group with LGBT Humanists.

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