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Humanists UK Speaker – Simon O’Donoghue

Simon is the Head of Pastoral Support at Humanists UK and has been developing this area of work since his starting in the post in February 2016. He is responsible for the growth of Humanists UK’s pastoral support network, through increasing engagement opportunities, and the organisation and delivery of training for humanist pastoral care volunteers.

In addition to developing our volunteer base, Simon works with strategic level bodies, from both the NHS and Prison Service. His work at this level aims to affect the recruitment of our network members by institutions on the ground.

Simon’s Talks

Humanist Pastoral Care – In this talk, Simon will talk about the provision of humanist pastoral care for and by non-religious people. He will describe what giving humanist pastoral care involves with examples from prisons, hospitals and hospices. He will give details of the training available to humanists interested in this work. Today only religious people are employed by the NHS and the prison service to provide pastoral and spiritual support and 96% of chaplaincy visits are to religious people. This needs to change. Hear about the opportunities to help provide care and support to people at difficult times in their lives and to demonstrate humanist values in your community.

Please note that this service is for Humanists UK Partner Groups, Humanists Students societies, and sections of Humanists UK only.

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