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Humanists UK Speaker – Richy Thompson

richy200Richy Thompson isHumanists UK’s Campaigns Manager and works on issues from acrossHumanists UK’s public policy remit. From May 2011 to February 2015 he was the Faith Schools and Education Campaigns Officer, and before that he was the President of the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies. Richy is a member of the advisory group of the Sex Education Forum, on the steering groups of Voice for Choice, the Accord Coalition for inclusive education and the Fair Admissions Campaign, and a representative of Humanists UK at the Religious Education Council for England and Wales.

Richy’s Talks –

BHA Campaigns

Richy Thompson, Humanists UK Campaigns Manager, gives an overview of Humanists UK’s current campaigns, including where the priorities lie for the coming months and years. He can also talk to your group about Humanists UK’s work in Parliament.

Faith Schools and Education

Richy Thompson, Humanists UK Campaigns Manager, will discuss the history of ‘faith’ schools in England from the founding of the National Society up to the rise of Academies and Free Schools, before debunking some of the myths surrounding them and also exploring other issues humanists tackle to do with education.

Faith Schools and Fair Admissions

Did you know that 1.2 million state school places in England and Wales are subject to religious admissions criteria? Did you know that these schools can prioritise not just those of a certain faith but also those of other faiths over those of no faith? And did you know that these admissions policies don’t just segregate schools religiously but also ethnically and socio-economically? Richy Thompson, Humanists UK Campaigns Manager, will talk about the Fair Admissions Campaign and how you can help open up all state-funded schools to all children, without regard to religion.


Richy has also talked about mis-education about abortion in schools, section 28, the petition against same sex marriage in schools, evolution and creationism in schools, and the Trojan Horse scandal. He has also debated the state funding of faith schools. Richy is also happy to talk about any other Humanists UK policy area of your choice. Select the “Other” option in the “Event Subject” section of the speaker request form and provide details of which talks you want.

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