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Materials for Humanists UK Section and Partner Groups

You can order promotional materials for your Partner Group or Humanist Students Society below.  For help with ordering you can follow the guidance on the Group Hub.

  • Note: You will need to enter the group’s name and select ‘Save for each item
  • Note: you should ensure that the address fields are all filled out including Province (meaning county).

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PLACEHOLDERHumanists UK stall pack

Everything you need for a small stall at an event.

The pack includes* –

  • 50 x Humanists UK membership leaflets
  • 20 x copies of the latest Humanists UK news
  • 50 x Humanism in Brief leaflets
  • 60 x Humanists UK ceremonies leaflets
    (funerals/weddings/baby namings)
  • 50 x Humanists UK branded bookmarks
  • 20 x Humanists UK branded pens
  • 50 x Humanists UK badges (5 designs)
  • Leaflets from our sections (when available)
    (LGBT Humanists/Humanist Students/Faith to Faithless)

*subject to availability

Leaflet - Humanists UK Membership LeafleyMembership leaflets

A leaflet with information on Humanists UK including a form for joining.


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