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Dan Barker in Manchester

July 23rd, 2019 7:30 PM

Dan Barker is the Co-President of Freedom From Religion Foundation, one of the largest humanist organization in the US campaigning for secularism and freethought, with more than 31000 individual members and hundreds of legal successes in favour of the separation of State and Church since its foundation year in 1976.

Dan is also a pianist, a composer and the author of many books on atheism and freethought, including his 'Free Will Explained', which just made it to Book Authority’s '100 Best Philosophy Books of All Time'.

And yet back in the 70s Dan was an evangelical Christian preacher, spreading the word of God around the world for 19 years and even working as a missionary in Mexico for some time. Then, after years of studying and doubting, one summer night of the 1983 he realised that he had lost 'faith in faith' and that eventually he had become an atheist.

Join Dan on 23 July at Friends Meeting House in Manchester to hear about his journey from being an evangelical Christian preacher to being an outspoken atheist and humanist working for the advancement of secularism and freethought in the US and worldwide.


6 Mount St, Manchester
Manchester, M2 5NS
United Kingdom

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