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Update on the People’s Climate March, 29/11

H4BW will be there and we’ll keep you posted on times and meeting place. In the meantime here’s the latest on it from The Climate Coalition.

Autumn leaves. Coffee. My neighbours – here and overseas. These are just some of the things thousands of people like you have shared their love for this year – stitched into metres of bunting, painted on banners, and told to politicians. A groundswell of public activity has left our leaders in no doubt of our support for ambitious climate action. But as we approach crucial global climate talks, now’s the time to raise our voices together once again. That’s why we’d like to invite you to be part of something big this November. On November 29th, The People’s Climate March will take place in London where tens of thousands of people, young and old, from all walks of life, will come together for the love of all we hold dear.

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It takes place as world leaders begin to assemble in Paris for a summit that aims to reach a strong global deal on climate. The march is happening at the same time as hundreds of events worldwide from New York to Mumbai to Rio. It’s vital that we show our leaders that the world is watching. With your help, we can make this fantastic day the biggest climate march the UK’s ever seen: a powerful celebration of what we love, and a call to world leaders to protect it.  Tell us you’re coming and we’ll keep you up to date with plans for a For The Love Of… area to meet up and walk together.

With thanks, Joe For The Love Of… campaign The Climate Coalition team

PS: Can’t come to London? There will also be major climate events happening in Edinburgh and Cardiff on November 28th, and Belfast on the 29th, besides many more around the country in the lead-up. Check out our events map, and add your own events to spread the word!

The Climate Coalition campaign PS

The Climate Coalition “Speak Up” campaign
On August 17th it will be two months since 9000 of us gathered in glorious sunshine in Westminster to lobby our politicians to take important action on climate change. Did any H4BW manage to get to The Climate Change Speak Up mass lobby in June? Or write to your MP post-election about climate change? Please let Marilyn know so that she can update TCC.

Speak Up – 2 month round up package from The Climate Coalition

On August 17th it will be two months since 9000 of us gathered in glorious sunshine in Westminster to lobby our politicians to take important action on climate change.

New Blogs: You can link to them on TCC website (Domestic & International will be live on the 17th August). Here is a domestic round up of the UK government’s recent actions, and here is an update on international news in the lead up to Paris.

Follow up actions: Here are a few suggested follow up actions, whether you attended the Speak Up lobby or not.

Also, DECC have released the findings of their latest wave of public opinion tracking on renewables. We’ve pulled out some handy key statistics here which you might want to use in your updates. Edinburgh Climate Demonstration, 28th November: This is being organised by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland. Contact Gail for more information

The People’s March for the Climate, 29th November: To join the mailing list and working groups of 50+ people and organisations preparing for this massive march, please contact Guy. This network is also organising transport, logistics and mobilisation for the Paris climate talks, and for post-Paris activities.

No New Runways, 12th September: An afternoon of debate and action to put climate change back on the agenda of the airport capacity debate. Organised by the Green Party in partnership with Airport Watch and others. All welcome.


Are you looking for some up to date literature on climate change, maybe for your holidays or just to build your knowledge? Author David Keys is Archaeology Correspondent for The Independent. His book Catastrophe – An Investigation in to the Origins of the Modern World brings to light new research in sea level rise and the effects of melting ice caps and ice sheets. Check out the press release

News round-up, August 2015

There are so many causes and campaigns, so this is just a selection of updates on issues that might interest humanists:

Climate and environment
Good news: Obama Sends ‘Memo To America’ On The Biggest Thing A President’s Ever Done On Climate Change
Bad news: National Geographic redraws its map to show melting Arctic
Population news from Population Matters “working to promote: • population concern • family planning • nature conservation • mindful consumption
And action news: Avaaz and The Climate Coalition plan the People’s Climate March on November 29th in time for the intergovernmental talks on climate in Paris – H4BW will be there so please save the date.

Human rights
Amnesty International UK petition “Sudan, don’t flog women for ‘indecent dress'” (i e, wearing trousers!)

Some alternatives to the vilification and scaremongering in our media:
The Worldwide Tribe “Documenting the story of the people in the ‘Jungle,’ – a refugee camp in Calais, France.  We are all the same.  The world is our home.” (Sounds very humanist to us!)

Refugee Council The Council’s Head of Advocacy Dr. Lisa Doyle: “It’s sad and shameful to hear of another avoidable tragedy unfolding on Europe’s doorstep. Appallingly, Europe has responded to the greatest global refugee crisis since the Second World War by building its walls ever higher: leaving refugees with no choice other than to place their lives into the hands of people smugglers and take ever greater risks in their search for safety. Unless Britain and European governments act to offer refugees credible, alternative routes to safety, people will continue to take desperate, fatal risks as they try to access the protection they’re entitled to. We’re calling on the Prime Minister to respond to this humanitarian crisis compassionately, by offering thousands of additional resettlement places and by making it easier for refugees to reunite with their family members who are already living in safety in Britain.”
Ask your MP to contact the Prime Minister.

News from Anti-Slavery, JDC and TCC

See the latest news from three campaigns supported by the BHA and H4BW:

July 2015

Update from H4BW

At my local humanist group meeting this week, it was clear that many humanists, though I’m sure they do lots of good things individually, have still not heard much about Humanists for a Better World and might welcome the chance to take action collectively or lend support to the various human rights / global justice / environmental campaigns that come the way of H4BW. So I think it may be time for a little push!

As well as attending various organisations’ meetings on behalf of H4BW, I occasionally speak to humanist groups and occasionally get to BHA AGMs and events – but I can’t be everywhere! So I’m wondering if any of you would like to talk to your local humanist group about H4BW and why you support this kind of humanist activity, with the option, of course, of focusing on the causes and campaigns that you feel most strongly about and know most about? Or if you attend BHA AGMs and conferences, or IHEU ones, perhaps you could take along some H4BW publicity or a slide show on your laptop and engage with passing humanists?

I’m sure there are plenty of other things we could all do to show our fellow-humanists and others that humanists care about the state of our world, and are not, as some people think, solely obsessed with religion and our own rights! Please let me know if you have any ideas or would like to offer to help.

Best wishes

Co-ordinator, H4BW


Thanks from The Climate Coalition – and you can still take action

The Climate Coalition thanks everyone who took part in the For The Love Of… campaign and mass lobby in June:

“What a day it was. 9000 people spoke up to over 300 MPs, contributed to an amazing interactive art installation, and joined an inspiring rally. The message to leaders was loud and clear – act now to protect what we love from climate change. Check out our photo gallery to see everyone who joined us, from beekeepers to surfers, from snowboarders to nuns.

In case you couldn’t be there, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite moments of the day in our story in tweets and pictures, including what happened when we met the Minister responsible for climate change later in the evening. And we felt your support from afar – people around the country got behind the campaign, with #fortheloveof trending at #1 on Twitter in the UK!

We spoke up, and the government listened. The Energy & Climate secretary told us: ‘politicians can’t deliver on the ambition without the public saying ‘We need you to do this’. So I really welcomed the campaigning today… Perhaps not all MPs have engaged with this to the same level, but today they had to do so, and that was quite an achievement.’

2015 has the potential to be a momentous year on climate action, and we’re off to a spectacular start. There’s still time to take action – send your MP a message now.”

“Speak up…” updates from The Climate Coalition (TCC)

Great Travel News: National Express has offered a 1/3 off discount for all travel to London on the 17th June. Sign up (see below) to get this discount. Supporters will be also able to book a space on centrally organised coaches online. See the travel page of the Speak Up website to book spaces on these coaches.

Regional media press release: TCC has produced a template press release for local and regional media. Local media love local action stories so please publicise what you are doing in the local press and encourage others to join in. This is also an opportunity to remind your MP you will see them there!

Oxfam Manchester Training: on Thursday 4th June, Oxfam Manchester is running a fascinating evening on Climate Action, the road to Paris and Lobby training. This is FREE and open to anyone so if you are based in the Midlands or North of England, it’s a great opportunity to get involved.

On The Day
The Rally 
will be an excellent finale to an excellent day. TCC is packing it full of top speakers and performers. If you  can’t make it for the lobby afternoon, you are invited to join TCC on Milbank from 4.30 – 5.30. 

FoE workshop: if you want to build your lobbying skills on the day, you can go along to the Friends of The Earth lobby training on the 17th at Church House, Westminster, Dean’s Yard, London SW1P 3NZ. It’s FREE  and there are two 45 min sessions starting at 11.00am and 12.00.

More info from TCC about the “Speak up…” mass lobby, where you will find regular updates and can sign up.

Speak Up For The Love Of…

Updates from  our friends at The Climate Coalition on the Speak Up campaign

5 Weeks to go till the mass lobby of new and re-elected MPs on June 17th. If you go along, you will not be alone – there are bound to be others from your constituency to meet up with and there will be plenty of help with finding them and lining up to speak to your MP. If you can’t be there, there will be advice on writing to your MP from TCC later.

Everything you need to know about the day here, and more, especially for anyone who hasn’t yet made up their mind whether to go, here.

Invite your MP e-action – make sure your MP is there to meet with you and other constituents. Supporters who have already signed up to join TCC  on the 17th can use a simple e-action to invite their MP.

Travel Updates: TCC and friends have a whole load of coaches booked, up and down the country. Check out the Getting There page on the Speak Up website to see if one’s coming from near you. If you want one and can’t see your city or region represented, get in touch with Libby or John who will help. If you are in the South West and want a coach let TCC know as they need a critical mass of people from there to book one.

Love in Nature Photo comp winners: Simon King OBE has spoken and chosen 10 excellent winning photos from over 150 entries. Check out the winners here .

Speak Up Climate Lobby, 17th June

suFTLO_dateClick here for a pdf of all you need  know about the mass lobby of Westminster being organised by The Climate Coalition on 17th June. Some background info below.

The Timing: The Speak Up lobby will take place straight after the new Parliament’s first Prime Minister’s Questions since the election. Westminster will be packed full of MPs, many of them new,  and it is a vital chance to influence them in the run up to the Paris COP [Conference of the Parties, UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)], and beyond into 2016.

The Purpose: The day will call upon the new Government to demonstrate commitment to action on climate change. The diversity of groups attending will highlight the mainstream, popular climate movement in the UK showing the breadth of the voice of concern.


  1. A commitment from the new Government to act on climate change and a stronger UK  position in the run up to Paris.
  2. Build and strengthen relationships between supporters and MPs, as part of an ongoing engagement over the course of the parliament.
  3. The climate movement is viewed as a strong, popular, nationwide campaign involving a wide range of people and is reported as such in mainstream media.

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