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Friday hearing in Northern Ireland couple’s case for legal humanist marriage

On Friday, humanists Laura Lacole and Eunan O’Kane are taking their case to Belfast’s High Court, in order to secure legal recognition for their humanist wedding.

Omid granted permission to challenge illegality of assisted dying

Omid has got permission for his case to proceed. He now urgently needs your support to ensure that his lawyers can afford to bring the expert witnesses to the UK they need for the full hearing. He can only secure his right to a dignified death by securing the testimony of those from jurisdictions where […]

BHA becomes Humanists UK

Later this week, the British Humanist Association (BHA), the national charity representing non-religious people in the United Kingdom and the Crown dependencies, will become Humanists UK. The new name, along with a revised new look and feel for the charity, will help the organisation to support more of the millions of non-religious people in the UK […]

Rhodri Morgan (1939-2017): Humanist, first First Minister of Wales, and father of Welsh devolution

The British Humanist Association (BHA) is today mourning its patron of many years, Rhodri Morgan, who served from 2000 to 2009 as First Minister of Wales. Born in Cardiff in 1939 to an academic family, Rhodri set his sights on public service from an early age, and was particularly set on improving the conditions of Wales. […]

BHA responds to consultation on charitable status of organisations promoting so-called ‘complementary and alternative medicines’

The British Humanist Association (BHA) has submitted a response to a consultation by the Charity Commission on the registration of organisations that use or promote ‘complementary and alternative medicines’ (‘CAM’). In its submission, the BHA argues that ‘it is fundamental that charities must be able to demonstrate public benefit from their activities that is not offset […]

Study finds that online abortion pills supplied in Northern Ireland are overwhelmingly safe and effective

A study carried out by the University of Texas, published today in the British Medical Journal, has found that in 95 percent of cases, women in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland who used online purchased abortion pills safely ended their pregnancies and did not require medical attention, and none of those who did […]

Humanists celebrate vision of a more secular Northern Ireland

There was a full house at Belfast Castle on Wednesday evening for the official launch party for Northern Ireland Humanists, a section of the British Humanist Association (BHA) working for a fairer and more secular Northern Ireland.

Nick Cohen delivers 2017 Voltaire Lecture

Journalist and political commentator Nick Cohen spoke to a crowded lecture theatre at Conway Hall, where over 400 people gathered to hear him deliver the 2017 Voltaire Lecture on ‘Free speech in an age of fanaticism.’ As per tradition, the lecture was chaired by the President of the BHA, comedian and author Shappi Khorsandi. Taking […]

Humanists seek judicial review of Northern Irish authorities over legal recognition of humanist marriages

A humanist couple, backed by the British Humanist Association (BHA) and its section Northern Ireland Humanists, has today gained permission to seek a judicial review of the failure of the Northern Irish authorities to extend legal recognition to humanist marriages. Presently, a couple wishing to have a humanist ceremony must also have a separate civil […]

Stephen Fry Irish blasphemy investigation dropped as New Zealand prompted to repeal its own law

The police service in the Republic of Ireland has decided to drop its investigation into Stephen Fry, over allegations he blasphemed in an interview on Irish channel RTE over two years ago, after it said that it failed to find ‘enough outraged people’ in order to proceed. The news comes as the kerfuffle over the […]

BHA sounds the alarm over Brexit and illegal discrimination in ‘faith’ school employment

The British Humanist Association (BHA) has expressed concern that the UK’s impending exit from the European Union could make legal widespread but currently illegal religious discrimination against current and potential teachers by religious schools. The issue, which exists across England, Wales, and Scotland, follows on from the conclusion of a long-running investigation by the European […]

BHA defends its patron Stephen Fry in face of Irish blasphemy probe

In 2015, Stephen Fry made headlines around the world for blasting the God he doesn’t believe in for creating a world so full of suffering and misery. His comments were made in an interview with Irish channel RTE. Now, over two years later, Stephen is being investigated by the Irish police for potentially breaking the […]


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