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Parent complaints force Church of England school to stop Christian group proselytising to children

A Church of England school in Kent has been forced to stop a Christian group from delivering assemblies and lessons to its pupils after parents complained about their children being exposed to ‘a potentially damaging ideology’. Humanists UK, which campaigns against the privileged position given to religion in schools, has stood by the parents, and […]

Church of England school visits being used to offset falling Church attendance

The Church of England has today published its annual attendance figures for 2016. The latest Statistics for Mission has revealed that the long-term pattern of decline in Church attendance has continued, except amongst school services, where numbers show an increase. Humanists UK has expressed alarm at the increasing use of Church schools, most of which are state-funded, as […]

Parliament discusses ban on dangerous ‘gay conversion therapies’

Home Office Minister Sarah Newton MP branded ‘gay conversion therapies’ as homophobic hate crimes that have no place in British society, after Walton MP Dan Carden raised the issue in Parliament citing evidence that a church in his constituency is using starvation as part of a so-called treatment. Humanists UK is alarmed by reports of […]

Christian business owner refuses to serve trans customer

Nigel Williams, a Christian working at a printing business, has refused to print an order of business cards for a trans diversity consultant in Southampton, claiming that to fulfill the order would be to promote a cause that marginalises Christians. The business card order was placed by Joanne Lockwood, a transgender woman, whose company, See […]

Professor Alice Roberts leads fundraising campaign to oppose state faith schools in 2018

Scientist, writer, and broadcaster Professor Alice Roberts has today launched an appeal to fundraise the salary and campaign activities of the only campaigner in the UK dedicated to opposing state-funded faith schools and the prevalence of undue religious privilege and discrimination in the education system. The fundraising campaign comes in the face of unprecedented efforts […]

Faith school gender segregation unlawful, court rules

The segregation of girls and boys at a Muslim school in Birmingham has been deemed unlawful by the Court of Appeal in a ruling handed down today. The decision, which overturns the ruling of the High Court earlier this year, states that such segregation discriminates against both girls and boys, and is likely to force […]

Ealing Council introduces pioneering measure to protect women from harassment outside abortion clinics

Ealing Council has voted in favour of introducing a public spaces protection order preventing anti-choice protesters from accosting, intimidating or harassing women wishing to access the Marie Stopes clinic in the area. The motion, which passed with the support of all councillors with only two abstentions, is the first of its kind in the country. […]

Food Standards Agency reveals large increase in animals slaughtered without pre-stunning

New figures released by the Food Standards Agency have revealed a sharp increase in the number of animals being slaughtered in the halal tradition without being pre-stunned. Between April and June this year 24.4% of sheep and goats were slaughtered in this way, up from 15% in 2013. Similarly, the number of poultry killed without […]

Supreme Court grants Humanists UK permission to intervene in Northern Ireland abortion case

The Supreme Court has granted permission to Humanists UK to intervene in a case due to be heard before it later this month on the abortion regime in Northern Ireland. The case, which has been brought by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, is arguing that abortion should be legal in the cases of (i) […]

City of London follows Belfast in removing grace before official dinners

The City of London Corporation has removed the custom of saying grace before official dinners. At the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards last week, which recognises organisations that have furthered community engagement in London, the Lord Mayor’s chaplain was asked to provide a secular statement rather than a prayer before the commencement of the black tie […]

Council backs down in High Court challenge to exclusion of humanists from local RE body

A council in Wales has withdrawn its decision to exclude a humanist representative from the local body responsible for overseeing religious education (RE), following a legal challenge by a local humanist parent. Humanists UK, which supported the challenge, notes that the decision of Vale of Glamorgan Council to withdraw its opposition in the face of […]

Successful year for Humanists UK at Conservative Party Conference

From Sunday to Wednesday, Humanists UK signed up hundreds of new members and supporters during the exhibition at the Conservative Party’s annual conference in Manchester, far exceeding the amount of support seen before. The event represented the conclusion of a successful conference season for Humanists UK, which also attended the Liberal Democrats and Labour conferences and […]

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