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Welsh Government proposes objective RSE for all with no right to withdraw

The Welsh Government today announced it will consult on a range of education reforms, including introducing comprehensive, objective relationships and sexuality education (RSE) lessons for all children, whilst scrapping the right to withdraw from such lessons. Wales Humanists, which campaigns for inclusive religious education (RE) and RSE and has previously provided submissions to the Welsh […]

John Humphrys calls out Thought for the Day for discriminating against the non-religious

Humanists UK has responded to comments today by former BBC Radio 4 Today host John Humphrys that Thought for the Day is discriminatory against the non-religious. In an interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the veteran BBC journalist said: ‘It’s not sold to us as religious Thought For The Day,’ he said.  Humphrys complained about […]

Protest held in Belfast in favour of repealing Northern Ireland’s blasphemy laws

A protest against Northern Ireland’s blasphemy laws took place in Belfast today to raise awareness of the damaging impact of the law in countries where people face extreme punishment for expressing their views on religion. Northern Ireland Humanists, which is part of the charity Humanists UK, organised the protests on International Blasphemy Day (Monday, 30 […]

Criticising religion or belief must be allowed in advertising, as 16,000 people sign petition

More than 16,000 people have signed a Humanists UK petition which calls on the advertising regulator to allow criticism of religion and belief in advertising even if it causes offence. Humanists UK, which campaigns for freedom of expression, has submitted a response to the Advertising Standards Authority’s Committee of Advertising Practice which sets out the […]

Italy’s highest court decriminalises assisted dying for the incurably suffering

Italy’s constitutional court has ruled that assisting a person who is in a state of intolerable and irreversible suffering to end their life is not always a crime, in a landmark judgment that could see Italy legalise assisted dying. The judgment, handed down yesterday, follows an appeal by right-to-die activist Marco Cappato who admitted to […]

New organ donation guidance must be inclusive of the non-religious

Humanists UK has called for the Human Tissue Authority’s new Code of Practice to be fully inclusive of the non-religious to ensure their wishes are protected, in its response to the implementation of opt-out organ donation from 2020. The Human Tissue Authority is updating its Code of Practice for medical professions on how the change […]

Andrew Moffat and Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson to deliver the Blackham Lecture 2019

Humanists UK is pleased to announce that Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson and Andrew Moffat, the headteacher and assistant headteacher at two Birmingham primary schools facing anti-Relationships Education protests by religious activists, will deliver the Blackham Lecture 2019, on ‘The Struggle for Children’s Rights’, in Birmingham on Monday 21 October. Hewitt-Clarkson is headteacher at Anderton Park Primary School […]

Humanist activist Gulalai Ismail safe in US after escaping Pakistani authorities

Pakistani human rights defender and humanist Gulalai Ismail has arrived safely in the US after spending several months in hiding from Pakistani authorities who had been trying to arrest her for her human rights activism. Gulalai was first arrested last October, after flying back from speaking at a Humanists UK fringe at the Conservative Party […]

Brunei’s death penalty for blasphemy is ‘serious human rights breach’

Brunei’s re-introduction of the death penalty in 2019 for so-called ‘crimes’ including blasphemy and homosexuality have been condemned by Humanists UK at the 42th session of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council in Geneva. In Humanists UK’s intervention at the UN, representative Farah Mohammed raised serious concerns about Brunei Darussalam’s new Syariah Penal Code […]

Government urged to focus on global non-religious persecution

Humanists UK has provided evidence of alarming cases of persecution faced by non-religious people around the globe, including accounts of humanists being murdered after they declared on their social media profiles to have no religious beliefs. In its evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee on the state of freedom of religion and belief globally, Humanists […]

Humanists UK at UN calls for abolition of death penalty for blasphemy and apostasy

Humanists UK has urged all countries to abolish the death penalty for apostasy and blasphemy at the 42th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Humanists UK’s representative Farah Mohammed told the UN, ‘Fourteen states still impose such punishments, including Pakistan where no evidence is required to prosecute a charge of blasphemy, and […]

Public urged to oppose proposed new faith school in Peterborough

Humanists UK is urging the public to oppose a new religiously selective voluntary-aided Roman Catholic school that is being proposed in Peterborough. Humanists UK, which campaigns for an inclusive education system with no religious discrimination, is encouraging locals in Peterborough to register their opposition to the plans for Hampton Waters Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided School, […]

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