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Humanists UK calls for BBC to ensure coverage of the non-religious

Humanists UK has responded to the BBC’s consultation on its draft Editorial Guidelines, calling for the BBC to increase its content about the non-religious, which is currently disproportionately low, and reduce the barriers that prevent fair criticism of religion. In its submission, Humanists UK highlighted the lack of guidelines for non-religious coverage, which as a result, […]

Assisted dying campaigner Noel Conway refused Supreme Court hearing

Assisted dying campaigner Noel Conway, who has Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and has been pushing for a change in the law to allow assisted dying in the UK, has today been refused permission to take his case to the Supreme Court. Noel, a 67-year-old retired lecturer from Shrewsbury and a member of Humanists UK, suffers […]

Northern Ireland marriage and abortion rights campaigners win 2018 Humanist of the Year Award

A group of Northern Ireland Humanists campaigners have won the 2018 Humanist of the Year Award for their work in legalising humanist marriages in Northern Ireland and campaigning for the human rights of women, including access to legal abortions. 2018 has been a successful year for humanist campaigning in Northern Ireland with the introduction of […]

Private faith schools over twice as likely to be rated inadequate than other private schools, new data shows

Humanists UK has expressed serious concerns that private faith schools are more than two and a half times more likely to be rated inadequate by the education inspectorate Ofsted compared to other private schools. A quarter of private faith schools (23%) were rated inadequate at their last inspection, markedly higher than the 9% for other […]

Assisted dying campaigner takes case to the highest court in UK

Assisted dying campaigner Noel Conway, who has motor neurone disease (MND) and wants a change in the law to allow assisted dying in the UK, has taken his case to the Supreme Court today. Noel, a 67-year-old retired lecturer from Shrewsbury and a member of Humanists UK, suffers from terminal MND. Noel is campaigning to […]

Peers from all sides call for legal humanist marriages in England and Wales

Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, and Crossbench members of the House of Lords have today launched a concerted push calling for legal recognition of humanist marriages in England and Wales. The call, which was supported by the Labour and Liberal Democrat frontbench spokespeople and such eminent peers as crossbenchers Baroness Butler-Sloss, Lord Pannick QC and Conservative […]

Humanists UK responds to Times column on president-elect Alice Roberts

The Times has today published a letter to the editor from Humanists UK Chief Executive Andrew Copson in response to a column by Robert Crampton. The article by Robert Crampton stated incorrect claims about our president-elect Alice Roberts and Humanists UK. Below is the full text of the letter which Humanists UK submitted to the […]

Humanists UK welcomes Parliamentary committee calling for review into bishops in the House of Lords

Humanists UK has welcomed calls from a House of Commons Committee for a fundamental review of the House of Lords to include whether bishops should remain in the House. The House of Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee has considered existing proposals to reform the House of Lords and has concluded that further radical […]

Faith schools do not perform better than other schools – Humanists UK sets record straight

Humanists UK has challenged new findings that faith schools perform academically better than other state and private schools, highlighting research which shows many religious schools socially select their pupils which is why they might seem to perform better. A report in the Sunday Times concluded that faith schools account for almost half of the 500 […]

Response to Sunday Times piece regarding Alice Roberts

A piece in the Sunday Times about Humanists UK President-elect Professor Alice Roberts has led some to conclude that she and her husband chose to send their children to religious schools, whilst simultaneously campaigning against them. This is incorrect. In response to the piece, Alice commented: ‘We applied to the only two non-religious state schools […]

UN shifts stance, calls on countries to remove barriers to abortion

In a progressive move forward for women’s rights around the world, the United Nations has announced a shift on its abortion policy, calling on countries to remove barriers which prevent women from having a safe, legal abortion. The United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) has stated in a new general comment on the International Covenant […]

Government’s ‘Faith in Communities’ report should have been equally inclusive of the non-religious

A new report on the role of faith in Britain’s communities has failed to adequately recognise the hugely valuable contributions of the non-religious population to their communities, according to Humanists UK. Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, UK Minister for Faith, published Faith in Communities: Bridging the Divide, which narrowly reports how faith communities help to make […]

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