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Jewish school which gender segregates pupils set to open separate schools

A co-educational religious state school that segregates girls and boys for the entirety of their education, and which had a history of selecting its students based on the religious strictness of their parents’ sexual activity, has been given the go-ahead by the Department for Education to ‘de-merge’ to two single-sex schools from 1 May 2019. […]

Humanists UK welcomes compulsory home-school register as move to shut down illegal schools

Humanists UK has welcomed the UK Government today announcing proposals for a compulsory register to keep track of children being home-schooled in England, as a way to tackle the operation of illegal schools and better safeguard children. Humanists UK, which has led the campaign against illegal, unregistered schools, says a Government register of home-schooled students […]

Humanists UK holds event to discuss harms of ‘conversion therapy’ in UK’s religious communities

The harms of ‘conversion therapy’ and the long-lasting mental health impacts it has on victims was discussed at an event in London on Thursday, with a plea for opposition from churches and religious organisations that might be ignoring the dangers of the practice. Hosted by Humanists UK, the event heard from a panel of speakers […]

Great humanist women should be recognised with blue plaques, says Humanists UK

Humanists UK has responded to the London Assembly’s consultation to nominate 100 women for Blue Plaques,  recommending four women including Aphra Behn, Barbara Wootton, Dora Russell, and Mary Wollstonecraft. Currently just 14% of English Heritage’s 943 blue plaques in London commemorate women. The London Assembly sought nominations of female Londoners who are deserving of a […]

RSE gets massive support from MPs despite reported plans of new parent protests in more areas

MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of Relationships and Sex Education regulations for England last night, making the subject compulsory in all schools and giving pupils the ability to veto any attempted parental withdrawal from the age of 15, amid reports of widening protests by parents in new areas of England over the plans. The vote […]

Humanists launch new campaign to repeal ancient blasphemy laws in Northern Ireland

Take action: Add your name to our campaign here to end the Northern Ireland blasphemy law. Northern Ireland Humanists has today launched a new campaign to get rid of Northern Ireland’s ancient blasphemy laws which make criticising a religion a crime. Northern Ireland Humanists, which is part of the charity Humanists UK, has launched the […]

Catholic, CofE, Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu groups apply for new 100% selective schools

Take action! Do you live where one of these schools is proposed to open, and want to campaign locally against the plans? If so, get in touch and we’ll help you to do so. The UK Government has published details of all 14 groups applying to open new voluntary aided religious schools, which can select […]

New report: faith schools responsible for increasing social disadvantage

A major new report has found faith schools are widening the gap for economically disadvantaged pupils and are among the most socially selective schools in England and Wales. Humanists UK today welcomed the Selective Comprehensives Great Britain report by the social mobility charity, Sutton Trust, which compares the top performing secondary schools across England, Wales, […]

Humanists in Government network to launch in Westminster

Humanists UK’s newest network, Humanists in Government, is launching next week, to bring together like-minded civil service personnel and other professionals working across UK and devolved governments. The network will organise regular events and facilitate links between people working at the heart of policy-making and delivering bodies. The Humanists in Government network will launch on […]

Ofsted rewrites report to take out religious school’s failings over sexual orientation

Take action! Sign our petition against religious homophobia in schools, and tell the UK Government to support education about tolerance and stand firm against religious hate. Fresh concerns about teaching about the equality of LGBT people and tolerance have been raised today as it has come to light that Ofsted has rewritten a 2017 inspection […]

Royal College of Physicians moves from hostile to neutral position on assisted dying

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has announced it has adopted a neutral position on assisted dying for terminally ill people of sound mind, after a clear majority of respondents to its survey either supported or were neutral towards such a move. Humanists UK supports assisted dying for terminally ill and incurably suffering individuals who […]

MPs defend faith-based carve-outs for relationships and sex education

Take action! Sign our petition against religious homophobia in schools, and tell the UK Government to support education about tolerance and stand firm against religious hate. Yesterday a number of MPs defended the rights of English schools to teach the new compulsory Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) subject, which includes LGBT issues, in line with […]

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