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Teacher suspended over depiction of Muhammad in Batley Grammar School lesson

Controversy has erupted after a teacher showed pupils an image or images of Muhammad in a lesson at Batley Grammar School on Monday. This led to Muslim parents protesting outside the school yesterday and today. The teacher in question has been suspended by the school, which has apologised ‘unequivocally’. Reports from parents say the cartoons […]

Jersey abolishes unnecessary wait times for abortions

Yesterday, the States of Jersey approved legislation, spearheaded by Channel Islands Humanists committee member and Deputy of the States of Jersey Louise Doublet, to abolish the requirement for women and girls to wait seven days between two medical consultations when accessing abortion services. The States of Jersey voted in favour of the legislation by 40 […]

Catholic school found to breach Admissions Code over low priority for children in care

A Catholic school admissions policy that not only prioritises children from Catholic backgrounds but also children from other Christian backgrounds over children who are or were in care breaches the School Admissions Code, the admissions tribunal has found. However, despite acknowledging that the school is ‘less ethnically diverse’ and ‘has lower levels of [pupils on] […]

Muslim groups encourage schools to ignore Council guidance on LGBT-inclusive RSE

Muslim groups in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets are urging local schools to ignore guidance on relationships and sex education (RSE) issued by the local council because they claim its LGBT-inclusive provisions do not reflect their faith. Humanists UK – which has campaigned for fully inclusive RSE for all children, regardless of background, for […]

‘Sham home education’ used as a cover for illegal schools, Ofsted tells Education Committee

‘Sham home education’ is regularly being used as a cover for illegal schools, with three of the four providers successfully prosecuted for operating illegal schools claiming pupils were actually educated at home, Ofsted has told Parliament’s Education Committee. Humanists UK has led the national campaign against illegal schools for many years and first drew attention […]

Public oppose bishops in the Lords by more than three to one – new poll

A new survey has shown that the British public is against the House of Lords continuing to have places for Church of England bishops by more than three to one. The YouGov poll found that 53% of adults favour removing the bishops, with only 16% favouring keeping them. The result was consistent across supporters of […]

Ministers back Northern Ireland Humanists’ campaign to repeal blasphemy laws

Northern Ireland’s Justice and Finance Ministers Naomi Long and Conor Murphy have confirmed that they support repealing both the blasphemy laws following a campaign by Northern Ireland Humanists. The two ministers are responsible for the relevant laws, so the news marks a very welcome development in the campaign for repeal. In discussion with Northern Ireland […]

‘If you’re not religious, say so!’ Final push to encourage ‘No religion’ on Census

This Sunday marks the day of the 2021 Census in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and Humanists UK is encouraging people who are not in any meaningful sense religious to tick the ‘no religion’ option. It is doing so because the Census question is used by decision-makers on everything from the continuing requirement for compulsory […]

UK Government to intervene to guarantee Northern Ireland abortion provision

Update, 23 March: Since this news item was originally published on 23 March, these regulations have been laid. Original story: The Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis is to lay new regulations before the Westminster Parliament, which grant him the power to order the Northern Ireland Department for Health (DoH) to commission abortion services for all […]

Government proposes reduced judicial review powers, in spite of independent review rejection

Humanists UK has expressed concern at the Government’s plans to ‘go further’ in changing how government decisions can be challenged in the courts, despite its own independent review cautioning against radical reform. Humanists UK has expressed concern at the Government ignoring the advice of its own experts and alarm at potential weakening of the rule […]

Council delays new faith school decision after Humanists UK objects to consultation

Kingston upon Thames Council has delayed a decision on whether to approve a new Church of England school after Humanists UK objected to irregularities in how local people were consulted about the proposal. In essence, the local Diocese solicited all responses to the proposal to come to them, rather than to the Council – which […]

Tick No Religion: Why it’s so important that non-religious people are counted in the Census

If you’re not religious, say so! We’re encouraging people to tick the ‘no religion’ option on the 2021 Census. Below you can find out more about one aspect of this campaign. Pledge to tick ‘no religion’ ✅ Every ten years the Census is undertaken in order to collect statistics about the population. These stats are […]

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