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LGBT Humanists responds to Gender Recognition Act consultation

LGBT Humanists has responded to the UK Government’s consultation on reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004, which for the last fourteen years has laid out the process by which individuals can have a change of gender legally recognised. The current consultation seeks opinions on potential reforms to the Act to remove the necessity of […]

Humanists UK at UN urges Russia to uphold the rights of its LGBT and non-religious citizens

Russia must take steps to protect both freedom of expression and end the persecution of LGBT people, Humanists UK today stated  at the 39th session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva. With further regard to LGBT rights, Russia’s UPR contained a particular focus on the persecution of gay men in Chechnya. Last […]

Humanist writers, actors, musicians, and comedians urge Spain to repeal blasphemy law

Ten patrons of Humanists UK have penned an open letter in the Guardian calling on the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, to repeal Spain’s oppressive blasphemy laws. This follows the detention of Spanish actor Willy Toledo in relation to the trial of three feminist protesters accused of insulting the Catholic Church. The letter, headed […]

Humanists UK at the UN calls for Bangladesh to repeal its blasphemy laws

Bangladesh must urgently do more to uphold the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of religion and belief of its citizens, Humanists UK told the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva. In a statement delivered at the 39th session of the UNHRC, Humanists UK noted that whilst freedom of belief and freedom of expression […]

New research highlights the need for more non-religious pastoral support in healthcare

A two year study by Marie Curie into improving access to palliative care has revealed that there is frequently a lack of pastoral support for non-religious patients, and that the risk of religious evangelism in current chaplaincy provision is perceived as a barrier by them to receiving adequate care. Humanists UK welcomes this research, which […]

Humanists UK submits evidence on 20 years of the Human Rights Act

Twenty years after the Human Rights Act 1998 was passed by Parliament, Humanists UK has responded to a call for evidence by the Joint Committee on Human Rights, which is conducting an inquiry into its impact, legacy, and considering how it could be strengthened to meet new challenges. As a human rights charity, Humanists UK […]

Humanists UK to intervene in Northern Ireland abortion case

Update: The hearing of this case has been postponed until November. Original story: Humanists UK is to intervene in a human rights case about a mother procuring abortion pills for her daughter, due to be heard in Northern Ireland this week. The case, known as JR76, focuses on the decision to prosecute the mother after she supplied […]

Liberal Democrat Conference votes to liberalise abortion laws

The Liberal Democrats have passed a motion at the party’s autumn conference in Brighton to support the removal of consensual abortion from criminal law, and instead have it governed through medical regulation like all other healthcare procedures. This would mean that women in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland who procure an abortion outside of the […]

Government’s faith minister calls for more religious leaders in the Lords

Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, the Minister for Faith, has called for more religious leaders to be appointed to the House of Lords. The suggestion, which was made to The Times, was in response to a question about the ongoing place of Church of England bishops in the second chamber. Humanists UK has called for the […]

New research finds pretending to be religious is most common form of school admissions cheating

A new report published today by the Sutton Trust has found that 30% of English parents know someone who has ‘Attended church/religious services’ when they otherwise wouldn’t ‘so that their child(ren) could enter a church/religious school’. This was more than any other factor that was surveyed, including private tutoring, moving house, or using a relative’s […]

Government decides against new legislation on buffer zones around abortion clinics

The UK Government has decided not to introduce new legislation to specifically tackle anti-choice protesters harassing women outside abortion clinics in England and Wales. The decision, announced in a written ministerial statement delivered by Home Secretary Sajid Javid, was taken because it has concluded that existing legislation can be sufficient to tackle such harassment, and […]

94% of people in Guernsey support legal humanist marriage

94% of those responding to a Guernsey States Assembly consultation on reforming marriage law have responded in support of legal recognition of humanist marriage, it has today been announced. The level of support was amongst the very highest of all the proposed changes, and has been welcomed by Channel Islands Humanists and Humanists UK, which […]

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