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New data on illegal schools reveals ‘grave situation’, says Humanists UK

Around 6,000 children are at potential risk in illegal schools in England, with many facing appalling conditions and a total lack of safeguarding, according to new information released today by Ofsted. Humanists UK, which has led the campaign against illegal, unregistered schools, says the data, which has never been published before, provides new evidence of […]

School admissions appeal system worsens inequalities and increases social segregation, new report finds

The chances of parents getting a child into their first choice of school via the appeals process ‘varies considerably by family background, ethnicity, and pupil attainment at primary school,’ according to a new report by the Education Policy Institute (EPI). Humanists UK, which has long campaigned for more inclusive school admissions policies that do not […]

Funeral settings should be more inclusive of all religions and beliefs, says Government

Humanists UK has welcomed a new Government report which recommends that funeral settings such as crematoria be suitable for all members of the community including those without religious beliefs. In its response to the Crematoria Provision and Facilities Review, the Government recommended that crematoria in England should be equipped to provide both religious and non-religious […]

Schools get to decide about LGBT content in RSE lessons – not parents, says Hinds

The Secretary of State for Education Damian Hinds has weighed in to the debate over teaching about the existence of LGBT people in Birmingham schools, reiterating that schools – not parents – get to decide what is included in relationships and sex education. In the letter to the General Secretary of the National Association of […]

Humanists in Government network launched

Humanists UK has launched its newest network to bring together humanists and non-religious people working in government. If you’re a civil servant currently working in the UK, a devolved government, or the London Assembly, or a political adviser or parliamentary staffer, you can sign up to be part of the network to receive regular updates […]

Number of non-religious people in Britain jumps by 46%, new figures show

The number of people in Britain who say they have no religion has increased by a staggering 46% over the past seven years, making non-religious people the fastest growing group in the country, according to new figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). The data from the ONS, taken from the Annual Population […]

Government to look into labelling of non-stunned meat

The Government has announced it will look into the labelling of meat so that consumers know if the animal was stunned or not before slaughter, allowing them to make more humane choices about the meat products they buy. In a Westminster Hall debate, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, David […]

Humanists prepare for Easter ‘eggsaggeration’ over ‘religious discrimination’ by chocolate eggs

Humanists are preparing for the yearly ‘eggsaggeration’ over the marketing of chocolate Easter eggs which, according to Christian campaigners, fail to promote the supposed real Christian meaning of Easter. With Easter around the corner, Humanists UK is warning the media and the public not to be duped into supporting a confectioner by their marketing which […]

Jewish school which gender segregates pupils set to open separate schools

A co-educational religious state school that segregates girls and boys for the entirety of their education, and which had a history of selecting its students based on the religious strictness of their parents’ sexual activity, has been given the go-ahead by the Department for Education to ‘de-merge’ to two single-sex schools from 1 May 2019. […]

Humanists UK welcomes compulsory home-school register as move to shut down illegal schools

Humanists UK has welcomed the UK Government today announcing proposals for a compulsory register to keep track of children being home-schooled in England, as a way to tackle the operation of illegal schools and better safeguard children. Humanists UK, which has led the campaign against illegal, unregistered schools, says a Government register of home-schooled students […]

Humanists UK holds event to discuss harms of ‘conversion therapy’ in UK’s religious communities

The harms of ‘conversion therapy’ and the long-lasting mental health impacts it has on victims was discussed at an event in London on Thursday, with a plea for opposition from churches and religious organisations that might be ignoring the dangers of the practice. Hosted by Humanists UK, the event heard from a panel of speakers […]

Great humanist women should be recognised with blue plaques, says Humanists UK

Humanists UK has responded to the London Assembly’s consultation to nominate 100 women for Blue Plaques,  recommending four women including Aphra Behn, Barbara Wootton, Dora Russell, and Mary Wollstonecraft. Currently just 14% of English Heritage’s 943 blue plaques in London commemorate women. The London Assembly sought nominations of female Londoners who are deserving of a […]

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