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Man with motor neurone disease announces intention to take right to die case

A man with motor neurone disease has announced his intention to take a legal case seeking the right to an assisted death. Humanist Phil Newby is seeking a change in the law ‘for anyone who has a progressive degenerative condition which is life-shortening’. The news follows Humanists UK’s announcement in May that it is working […]

Catholic schools may continue discriminating against teachers on religious grounds after legal bid denied

Religious schools, including state-funded schools, will continue unlawfully discriminating against teachers on religious grounds after Humanists UK was denied permission to take the Catholic Education Service to the High Court to challenge the practice. On the face of it, the current law in England and Wales appears to allow religious schools to require all teaching […]

Humanists UK trains hundreds of Home Office asylum staff

Humanists UK has completed a series of training sessions with Home Office staff responsible for assessing asylum claims on how to identify non-religious claimants, on the persecution of non-religious people around the globe, and on the particular issues that apostates face when they enter the asylum system.  Over the course of two months, Humanists UK […]

Opt-out organ donation law comes into force in Jersey

A new opt-out organ donation system that presumes a person to have consented to donating their organs after death, unless they have specifically opted out, comes into force in Jersey today. Channel Islands Humanists, which campaigned for this move from an ‘opt-in’ to the so-called ‘soft opt-out system’, said the change will undoubtedly save many […]

UK Government excludes humanist marriages in fast track review of marriage venues

The UK Government has announced details of its upcoming review into marriage laws in England and Wales, and announced it intends to fast-track legal recognition of civil marriages taking place in outdoor venues. The fast-track omits legal recognition of humanist marriages – in spite of this being the most popular change the Government could possibly […]

Legal challenge launched over organisation promoting dangerous homeopathic anti-vax therapy

The Good Thinking Society, a charity that promotes science and campaigns against pseudoscience, has today launched a legal challenge against the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) over its decision to continue to accredit the Society of Homeopaths despite concerns it has raised that the Society continues to promote a dangerous ‘treatment’ based on discredited ideas about […]

Humanists UK calls for Leicester Assistant City Mayor to be investigated after revealing links to extremist and anti-apostate Islamic Centre

Humanists UK has exposed Cllr Mustafa Malik, Assistant City Mayor at Leicester City Council, as a trustee and member of the Management Council of the Islamic Centre Leicester, which shares dangerous anti-apostate and homophobic rhetoric, following a tip off from a whistle-blower. It is calling on Leicester City Council to investigate Mustafa Malik.  The Islamic […]

Humanists UK expresses alarm over new rules against blasphemy in advertising

Humanists UK has launched a national campaign in reaction to proposals by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) to expand its ban of ‘offensive’ advertising, including adverts deemed religiously offensive, in its two codes. Humanists UK is asking the general public to sign its petition to the Committee of Advertising Practice about its codes, which […]

Humanists UK celebrates 2019 Convention in Leicester

Nearly 500 humanists from across the UK and from further afield convened in Leicester at the weekend for the Humanists UK Convention 2019. Delegates heard from and enjoyed the chance to meet a diverse range of speakers, brought together in celebration of a movement for a more rational, kind, and tolerant world. The convention weekend […]

New RSE guidance lacks clarity on LGBT content and faith school opt-out

Government guidance published yesterday on how Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) should be taught in English schools from next September lacks clarity on the status of LGBT content and the extent to which schools with a religious character (or pupils with a religious background) can opt out of providing a comprehensive curriculum.  Humanists UK, which […]

British Medical Association to poll members on assisted dying

The British Medical Association (BMA), the trade union body representing over 150,000 doctors and 19,000 medical students across the UK, has voted to hold a ballot of its members on whether to change its assisted dying policy. The BMA currently opposes changing the law on assisted dying which it adopted in 2005. However, this looks […]

Humanists UK issues urgent call to drop charges against Pakistani human rights activist Gulalai Ismail

Humanists UK has joined other humanist groups around the world in calling for domestic and international support in urging Pakistani authorities to drop charges against human rights activist and Humanists International board member Gulalai Ismail who has been charged with ‘sedition’ under terrorism laws in Pakistan. Gulalai has been supporting justice for an 11-year-old Pakistani […]

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