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Northern Ireland Humanists is the section of Humanists UK, working with the Humanist Association of Ireland, which furthers the humanist cause in Northern Ireland through a wide range of campaigning and community services activities. We’ve been active in Northern Ireland for decades, but in 2016, we came together under the name ‘Northern Ireland Humanists’ to join together our members, supporters, campaigners, and activists to help put humanism into practice and to bring about a secular, inclusive society to promote free thinking and freedom of choice for everyone in Northern Ireland.

Our aim is to champion ideas for the one life we have while expanding the availability of our ceremonies, education, and pastoral support to ensure that non-religious people can live happy, fulfilled, and confident lives.

Since coming together as Northern Ireland Humanists in 2016, we’ve established ourselves as one of Northern Ireland’s leading human rights organisations, and we’ve undertaken a great deal of work to bring about a tolerant society where rational thinking and kindness prevails.


Boyd Sleator leads our national operations from Belfast. He’s supported by a committee of volunteers from across Northern Ireland who support and advise on our governance and strategy. If you’d like to be a part of the work we’re doing, please email Boyd and let us know how you might be able to help.

For regular updates about our work for a fair and equal society for everyone, you can also connect with Northern Ireland Humanists on Facebook, where we have a large online community, as well as through Twitter. You can also make sure you get our weekly newsletter by registering for our online bulletin (make sure to include your Northern Ireland postcode).

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