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Atheist Bus T-Shirtabus-tBack by popular demand…  our atheist bus campaign T-shirts.
Price: £12.95 Out of stock
happyhappyh-tA (much) bigger version of our Happy Humanist badge on the front of this T-shirt.
Price: £12.95
goodwoutgodgwoutgod-tCredit for the design idea here to Simon Wood of Chelsea College of Art & Design.
Price: £12.95
bhabhalogo-tA bit more subtle… Humanists UK Logo with the Happy Human and tagline ‘For the one life we have’ on the chest pocket area.
Price: £12.95 Out of stock

remembrancewreathRemembrance wreath with Defence Humanists logo. 19 inch diameter.

Price: £35.00

Help promote Humanists UK with this natty value pack.The supporter pack contains “Happy humanist” and “Good without God” badges for your casual wear, and a Happy Human lapel pin for something more formal.There are two Humanists UK bookmarks, a membership form which you could give to a friend, and for yourself a copy of Humanism: An Introduction by Jim Herrick (RRP £9.99) and the pocket-sized Thinker’s Guide to Life (RRP £4.50).It all comes inside a Humanists UK tote bag (also selling separately at £5).

Price: £22.00


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