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Do you agree with the following statements?

  1. Scientific and other evidence is the best way of understanding the universe, not religious belief.
  2. Right and wrong can be explained by human nature alone and do not require religious teaching.
  3. What is right and wrong depends on the effects on people and the consequences for society and the world.

A recent MORI poll for Humanists UK showed that over a third of the UK population (17 million people) agree with the sentiments above.  Yet in many important areas of social and public life these views are under-represented, or worse they are being misrepresented.

The above statements reflect a few key principles of Humanism and if they also reflect your personal beliefs, please support us.

Humanists UK helps people who seek to live a good life without religious or superstitious beliefs. We provide educational resources and represent the humanist viewpoint in public debate. We campaign on major issues affecting British society, such as the increase in faith schools, the continued presence of 26 bishops in the House of Lords and the legal requirement that school assemblies should include religious worship.

We believe that religious viewpoints have a disproportionate influence on public policy. With the current government plans to contract out more public services to religious groups, this influence is set to grow. Our aim is to stop this.

Our vision is a world without religious privilege or discrimination, where people are free to live good lives on the basis of reason, experience and shared human values.

You can help us to achieve this vision by becoming a member or by making a donation today.

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