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End religious selection in state schools

Stop faith-based admissions

Help us resist plans to open new faith schools in England that can select 100% of their places on the basis of religion, discriminating against children and promoting social and racial divisions in our communities.

State-funded schools should be open to all children, without regard to religion, and we urgently need MPs to oppose the Government’s plans.

Write to your MP urging them to oppose faith-based admissions.

Support legal recognition for humanist marriages

Support humanist marriages

Humanist marriages are legally recognised in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but humanist couples in England and Wales face discrimination and are forced to have a separate civil marriage.

We want the UK Government to end the inequality faced by humanists by bringing the law in line with Scotland and Northern Ireland, giving legal recognition to humanist marriages in England and Wales.

Write to your MP to end humanist marriage inequality.

Help us legalise the right to die in the UK.

Support Paul Lamb

After decades of suffering and pain, Humanists UK member Paul Lamb needs a change in the law in order to end his life in a manner and at a time of his own choosing. That’s why he’s taking a legal case to change the law on assisted dying.

Paul’s case is the strongest case to come before the UK courts in many years – with real potential to change the law where past claimants have failed. We must act now in his support.

We will back Paul’s fight at every stage. Will you?

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