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  1. Write to the Education Secretary Justine Greening and urge her to abandon plans to allow all state ‘faith’ schools in England to become entirely segregated by religion
    Last year the Government announced proposals to usher in a massive expansion of religious discrimination and segregation in the education system. We are encouraging everyone to write to the Education Secretary to demand a u-turn, and we’ve provided a facility through which it’s possible to do so.
  2. Let’s end religious selection in state-funded schools!
    Humanists UK is pleased to support the Fair Admissions Campaign, a new campaign which aims to open up all state-funded schools in England and Wales to all children, without regard to religion. Find out more about our involvement and how you can get involved.
  3. 2018 Faith Schools campaigner fundraising appeal
    Please donate today to fund and resource Britain’s only dedicated campaigner against ‘faith’ schools – a fundamental part of Humanists UK’s campaigns team and all our work on religion and schools.
  4. Support legal recognition for humanist marriages
    It has been over three years now since Humanists UK  secured an amendment to the Marriage Act as it went through Parliament, requiring the Government to consult on giving legal recognition to humanist marriages in England and Wales. That subsequent consultation showed 95% in favour. But instead of acting on that mandate, the Government referred it to the Law Commission. Following the publication of its report the EU referendum overtook events and the matter remained unresolved.If legal recognition was achieved, it would be transformative for the UK as a whole, allowing those couples who are choosing to have a currently unrecognised humanist wedding to have this as their legal ceremony and make the possibility available and known to many couples who might never otherwise have chosen to do so.In Scotland, where humanist marriages have been legal for just over ten years, humanists now perform 30% of all marriages, increasing both public awareness of Humanism and the appeal of non-religious beliefs and organisations.

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  • See our campaign toolkit to learn more about writing to MPs, Ministers and your local press.
  • Check each of our campaign pages for what you can do to help on the topics that interest you most.

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