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The Welsh Government is currently holding a public consultation on new relationships and sexuality education (RSE) guidance.

While we broadly welcomed a change in the law to make RSE compulsory, we were shocked to read that the detail of the new guidance doesn’t even mention important topics like sexual health, abortion, contraception, and reproduction. And there’s nothing in the guidelines to guarantee faith schools will have to follow the law. Without this detail in the guidance, Wales risks going backwards – when it should be leading the way.

Please, will you respond the new RSE guidelines consultation using our form below? We need submissions by Monday 1 April if we’re to guarantee every child in Wales receives a 21st century education about relationships and sexuality.

Didn’t I respond to a consultation about this in the last couple of weeks?

You may have responded to another similar consultation in the last couple of weeks, that the Welsh Government was running on changes to the legal framework around RSE (including making the subject compulsory) and religious education. Those changes we broadly welcomed and are proposed to come in in the next three years. This consultation is different in that it’s focusing on the guidance around RSE curriculum content in schools, and comes into force immediately. The guidance is in our view completely inadequate due to the lack of any substance. It’s therefore vital that the Welsh Government is told that this approach isn’t good enough.

This action is now closed. Thank you for supporting inclusive relationships and sexuality education in Wales!

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