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Tell Damian Hinds: Not in my name! We are not a ‘Christian country’

While defending the decision to allow new, 100%-selective religious schools, Damian Hinds has fallen back on the divisive, outdated narrative that the UK is a ‘Christian country’.

Will you sign our petition to the Education Secretary below?

Mr Hinds,

Besides being factually untrue in anything but a narrow, constitutional sense, your assertion is disenfranchising and demeaning to the majority of us in the UK who are not Christian. Is this not our country too?

Justifying discrimination by saying the UK is a ‘Christian country’ does nothing to address valid questions about the ethics of discriminating against children by faith in school admissions, the need for impartial curriculum reform, or the unjustified place of bishops and daily prayers in Parliament. We urge you to adjust your views.

If you don’t speak up today, who will?

Please, sign and share our petition to Damian Hinds and let him know that for a majority of us in the UK today, this is not a ‘Christian country’. We are a modern, plural, democratic society.


Petition: Damian Hinds, end the divisive rhetoric. This is not a

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