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If you’re familiar with our site, you’ll notice a fairly significant change! We’re updating our image to better reflect today’s world and appeal to new and wider audiences. This change is the culmination of a long and sensitive data-gathering process, working with non-religious people across the UK to help enhance our work for a tolerant world where rational thinking and kindness prevail.

For over 120 years, we’ve worked to support lasting change for a fair and equal society and our new image will give us greater appeal as we do so.

Open, inclusive, and energetic, our new look is modern, but also reflects our values and our history. It’s a brand built on evidence, including focus groups of non-religious people across the UK and research with over 4,000 of our supporters. And it will put people and their stories front and centre throughout our broad and varied work.

Over the next few months, you’ll see our new look begin to roll out to our different sections and services. Informed by the views of thousands of non-religious people in the UK, our new approach will help us bring together more of the almost 15 million people in Britain who live their lives by humanist values.

Our community services, ceremonies, and campaigns are all designed to help people be happier, more confident, and more fulfilled in the one life they have. Our site will be under construction for a little while, but in a few months’ time you can expect to see a fully redesigned Humanists UK website which reflects that unity of purpose across our work.

We’re now Humanists UK. We’re committed to a world where people think for themselves, but act for everyone. We’ll be bringing non-religious people together to develop their own views and an understanding of the world around them. As we embark on this new chapter, we want to thank everyone who’s supported us on the journey so far.


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