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BHA welcomes Gordon Brown’s statement on Alan Turing

The British Humanist Association has welcomed a swift government response to the petition, signed by 30,000 people and climbing, calling for a public apology for the homophobic persecution of Alan Turing.

The BHA publicly supported the petition last week and welcomed the popular consensus that there should be public acknowledgment of this past abuse by the state.

A BHA spokesperson said today, “This is an important gesture. It’s important first because Alan Turing should have been a hero, not cast as a villain by the state. It’s important again because the establishment persecution of gay people in the UK is still very much within living memory and Gordon Brown recognises this in his statement.

“The statement is also important because it reconfirms Britain’s strong stance on the equality and human rights of gay people. Violence against gay people and homophobic bullying in schools remains high. By apologising for the abuses of the past, the Prime Minister’s statement re-commits the nation to a strong, principled stance on equality.”


The petition wasn’t due to close until January and is still open for signatures.

If you would like to help preserve Alan Turing’s memory for future generations, you can donate at

Homosexuality is still illegal in 80 countries around the world. See the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association report on the state of LGBTI rights around the world for 2009.

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