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BHA welcomes celebration of freedom and democracy

The BHA has today welcomed plans by British Muslims for Secular Democracy to organise a demonstration on Saturday 31st October to counter a demonstration calling for the abolition of democracy and the introduction of Shariah Law for all in Britain.

Islam 4 UK, who are holding the pro- Shariah demonstration in central London, are calling for an end to British liberal democracy in the UK and for the spread of the Islamic system of Shariah to replace it.

British Muslims for Secular Democracy are organising the counter demonstration bringing together a number of religious and non-religious groups, including the British Humanist Association.

Hanne Stinson, BHA Chief Executive commented, “The ideas advanced by Islam 4 UK are ludicrous, and we do not believe that any substantial number of people in Britain today agrees with any of them. But our demonstration will be a great example of Muslims and humanists working together to defend and promote the values of liberal democracy, pluralism, equality, freedom and secularism that make Britain such a great place to live for all of us – religious or non-religious.”


For further comment or information, contact Pepper Harow on 020 7462 4992.

The British Humanist Association (BHA) is the national charity representing and supporting the non-religious and campaigning for an end to religious privilege and discrimination based on religion or belief.

Full details of the counter demonstration can be found at

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