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HfBW supports Anti-Slavery International


Events and campaigns coming up:

‘Slavery-Free London’ campaign which aims to raise awareness of human trafficking and forced labour and the potential increase 2012 Olympic Games may cause. Please join the campaign by signing the pledge at More letter-writing actions are to follow so by signing up supporters can stay involved.

‘Cotton Crimes’ campaign to end child slavery in cotton production. Hundreds of thousands of children are forced to pick cotton in Uzbekistanfor the state-owned cotton industry. If they refuse they can suffer beatings and expulsion from school, and after months in the fields they are left exhausted and suffering from ill-health and malnutrition. Much of the cotton picked ends up in the European market so we are urging the EU to take greater steps to curtail the exploitation of children. Please sign the cotton crimes petition at which Anti-Slavery International will deliver to the EU later this year. Anti-Slavery International is also launching a new short film to highlight the issue:

Anti-Slavery Day, 18th October, a focal point for raising awareness about the many people in the UK and around the world who continue to be trapped in modern slavery, and to promote the need for many individuals and organisations across society to play a part in ending it. There are a number of ways in which people can get involved either by attending one of the many events taking place around the country, organising an event, or by writing to your local paper or MP. More information at

Autumn Film Season against human trafficking in partnership with Anti-Slavery International – see

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