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BHA welcomes announcement of new Government-backed supplementary sex education guidance

The British Humanist Association (BHA) has welcomed today’s announcement that the Sex Education Forum (SEF), Brook and the PSHE Association are to produce new sex and relationships education (SRE) guidance to act as a supplement to the existing statutory guidance from 2000. The advice, which will have the backing of the Department for Education (DfE), will reflect changes since the current guidance in areas such as sexting, cyber-bullying, internet porn, the repeal of section 28, the legalisation of civil partnerships, and soon of same-sex marriage.

On Tuesday, David Cameron called for just such a supplement to be produced. SEF, Brook and the PSHE Association have taken the initiative and been working on the guidance since the end of last year, but only now has it been publicly announced, and the DfE has decided to back it.

BHA Head of Public Affairs Pavan Dhaliwal commented, ‘We welcome the fact that after fourteen years of inaction, it appears there will finally be some progress from the Government in improving sex and relationships education. It’s disappointing that the 2000 guidance won’t be updated wholesale, never mind about putting the entire subject on the national curriculum – as the previous Government intended to do but failed to pass before the election.

‘But the important thing is that this new guidance will improve the lives of children across England, tackling important issues that have gone unaddressed for too long. It is vital that every young person receives full and comprehensive sex and relationships education and this supplement will help prevent bullying and discrimination and ensure future generations have healthier relationships both when they are young and subsequently in adulthood. Congratulations to the Sex Education Forum, Brook and the PSHE Association for their work.’


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