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Baroness Joan Bakewell to deliver the Holyoake Lecture 2018

Journalist, Labour peer, and veteran broadcaster Baroness Joan Bakewell will deliver the Holyoake Lecture 2018 in Manchester on Tuesday 13 November.

Joan will discuss her remarkable life and accomplished career in the media, as well as exploring the turbulent political landscape and her place within it, and will give her analysis of our current political culture, and where we may be headed.

Since entering Parliament in 2011 Joan has promoted humanist and liberal ideas, the arts, and has consistently defended the poor and vulnerable. She’s given more than 140 speeches in the House of Lords, and in 2017 was named Humanist of the Year by Humanists UK, in recognition of her lifelong dedication to putting humanist values into practice.

Named for the 19th century secularist George Holyoake, the Humanists UK Holyoake Lecture has usually taken a political theme, concerned with humanism and how humanist ideals can affect social change. Past Holyoake Lecturers include journalist Owen Jones, author Douglas Murray, physicist Jim Al-Khalili, novelist Natalie Haynes, and epidemiologist Kate Pickett.

As well as working as a journalist and TV presenter, Joan is the co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Humanist Group. She’s persistently shown a willingness to shed light on social issues and an eagerness to push the envelope on sensitive topics across all of her work. She’s led some of the BBC’s most well-remembered documentaries and news programmes that have challenged taboos around sex, examined religion from a critical and objective standpoint, and has also been a strong-willed protector for arts and culture in all facets of her work.

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