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Humanists UK Convention returns for 2021

Humanists UK President Professor Alice Roberts, and the Humanists UK Convention 2021 logo.

Alice Roberts will speak at Humanists UK Convention 2021, alongside Sathnam Sanghera, Callum Brown, Stephen Smartt, Samira Ahmed, Jim Al-Khalili, and more.

Humanists UK has this week announced Humanists UK Convention 2021, taking place entirely online on 19 June, the weekend of World Humanist Day.

Joining Humanists UK President Alice Roberts at Convention 2021 will be Sathnam Sanghera, Callum Brown, Stephen Smartt, Samira Ahmed, Jim Al-Khalili, and others, for a wide-ranging yet extremely focused programme of talks and discussions that will ask big questions about humanity’s past and future, putting humanist values and humanist ideas about our place in the universe into the spotlight.

The event – with a stellar cast of scientists, historians, writers, broadcasters, and humanist activists – promises to be a fantastic celebration of humanism in the year of Humanists UK’s 125th anniversary.

Back after two years following the 2020 London Convention’s cancellation, the one-day online event aims to be the most ambitious to date – reaching out to humanists not just in the UK, but from around the world, and thousands are expected to join to mark World Humanist Day.

Tickets are available to buy now for just £19.

In a session chaired by science broadcaster and poker champion Liv Boeree, astronomer Professor Stephen Smartt will examine ‘our place in the universe’, while Professor Alice Roberts brings us back down to earth, detailing our ‘human journey’, chaired by Professor Jim Al-Khalili. Broadcaster Samira Ahmed and author Sathnam Sanghera will discuss the lingering effects of the British Empire in the UK today, while Humanist Heritage Coordinator Madeleine Goodall will help to place humanism in a modern historical context, with historians Charlie Lynch, Professor Callum Brown, and Professor David Nash. A full programme and timetable has been made available.

Jam-packed with challenging and exciting ideas, the 19 June event is not to be missed.

‘I enjoyed the high quality speakers who brought so many ideas and such understanding to us,’ said one attendee of 2019’s Convention. Another, describing their Convention experience, commented, ‘There were amazing talks, with well-reasoned and respectful debate and discussions.’ ‘We had the best time,’ said one pair. ‘Organisers should be widely congratulated for a really good convention and for going out of their way for making it a good event for people to attend.’

Humanists UK urges members and supporters to book their place soon.


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