Ceremonies Marketing Consultancy – Invitation to tender

Humanist Ceremonies™ is a network of members of the British Humanist Association (BHA) in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland who are trained and accredited as celebrants by the BHA to take non-religious funerals, weddings, and naming ceremonies.

The BHA aims to increase the number of ceremonies performed by its celebrants each year, and to ensure that every person in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland who would wish to have a non-religious ceremony is aware of Humanist Ceremonies™. A marketing plan for Humanist Ceremonies™ has been developed and we now wish to commission an agency or individual who will enact this on our behalf.

Full details of the work to be carried out and the timescales involved can be found in our invitation to tender. We are inviting applicants to submit a fixed price tender including all expenses for undertaking the commission as described in this document. This must arrive by 09:00 on 18 April 2017.

For further details, please contact Teddy Prout, Director of Community Services, on

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