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COVID-19 Update: From September 2020, we will be offering remote visits only by humanist school speakers. We will reviewing this monthly and hope to be able to offer in-person visits as soon as it is safe to do so.

If you would like to arrange a remote visit from a humanist school speaker, please complete the below form.

We have free, trained, and experienced volunteers across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland that can visit schools remotely to talk about humanism.

Using their life experience and knowledge, our School Speakers can bring a personal dimension to young people’s study of humanism that goes ‘beyond the textbook’. They offer a range of services and will fit around your needs and requirements.

Find our more about how a school speaker can help you by visiting Understanding Humanism.

Fill in the form below to request a remote visit from a Humanists UK school speaker.

We aim to respond to requests for humanist school speakers within 10 working days.

Request a School Speaker

If you have a preferred date for the session please include it in the space provided with the start and end times. If you are requesting multiple sessions please list all the preferred dates with the start and end times. If the date/s has not been set, please mention this and whether the request is for multiple sessions. The school speaker will contact you to confirm/arrange the date/s.
E.g. Why I am a Humanist and what I believe, Humanist view on Wealth, Poverty & Equality etc.
Details of any special educational needs or requirements
Please include when/how it is best to contact you. Also let us know if you would like to request a specific speaker.
The Terms and Conditions and Code of Practice can be found here.
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Expenses: We are a charity and our school speakers are volunteers who are happy to offer their time and expertise for free. We very much hope that schools will be able to cover any travel expenses incurred by our volunteers or make a contribution towards these expenses if these are considerable because of the distances involved. We hope you will understand that our speakers may have to turn down a request if a school is unable to cover or contribute to expenses where these are considerable.

Humanists UK has been awarded the OCN London Quality Mark, certifying the high quality of our training.

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