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About Humanists for a Better World

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Putting humanist values into action –
because the whole world is in our hands.

H4BW (our logo on the left, our banner on the right) aims to highlight, and encourage support for, actions on a range of single- and multi-issue campaigns of potential interest to humanists. Some of these have political solutions, though we are not allied with any particular political group or party, and on most of them there already exist excellent secular campaigns and charities which we support, rather than duplicate. On many of them we hope to advise and encourage Humanists UK, and to act when Humanists UK itself cannot because the issue is beyond its remit or one on which there is no humanist consensus. On some of them there may be a distinctive humanist angle which we will promote to humanists and beyond.

There is a long tradition of humanists working for a better world (see, and if you would like continue this tradition you can sign up at Or log in to Humanists UK website and click through to your Dashboard where you will find the option of joining H4BW.  Once your have joined this subgroup of Humanists UK you will get occasional email alerts about current and forthcoming actions and opportunities to meet up with other concerned humanists.

facebookOr you can follow us on Twitter @humanists4bw or join our Facebook group – two quick ways for humanists to keep in touch with H4BW and share info, news and campaigns.

Or you can keep an eye on the News, Events & Actions section of this website. If you are already a supporter of an environmental or peace or developing world campaign, and have more news or actions relevant to H4BW, please contact us ( so that we can spread the word – and please also contact us if you  would like to help us to develop the network.

  • For current events, actions and campaigns, see News, Events & Actions – and do please join in if you can.
  • For accounts of events and campaigns H4BW has supported or attended since we began in 2011 see Campaign Updates.
  • Click through to  Useful  Information for background  on many of the issues that concern humanists (and others), and our Links for some useful links for campaigners.
  • See also H4BW Patrons and Supporters for more on support for our campaigns and about our patrons.

Humanists UK supports H4BW in various ways – if you are not already a member and would like to support Humanists UK in return please donate and/or join Humanists UK.

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