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Decision to deny humanists voice on RE in Southampton to be retaken after legal threat

Southampton Council has agreed to retake a decision blocking humanists from becoming full members of the local RE committee following a threat of legal action. The Council made the original decision following consultation with religious members of the committee, which saw a Church of England representative refer to the possible inclusion as ‘a Trotskyist move’. […]

Teachers’ union votes ‘overwhelmingly’ to end Northern Ireland teacher discrimination

The NASUWT teachers’ union voted ‘overwhelmingly’ at their annual conference this weekend to end the exemption to equality legislation that allows for discrimination against teachers in Northern Ireland based on their religion. The motion called on the NASUWT to lobby the Northern Ireland Assembly to remove Article 71 of the Fair Employment and Treatment (Northern […]

Government to ‘remind schools of their duty’ to carry out Christian collective worship

In a departure from its previous approach, the UK Government has said that if it is made aware of English schools breaching a requirement to carry out a daily act of worship, they will be ‘investigated’ and ‘reminded of their duty on this matter’. Humanists UK – which has long campaigned for compulsory school worship […]

School safeguarding review must consider role of faith-based RSE in rape culture, says Humanists UK

An urgent review of school safeguarding by school inspectorate Ofsted must consider the role faith-based relationships and sex education (RSE) and the resources used to teach it play in exacerbating rape culture, Humanists UK has said. Humanists UK has recently raised repeated concerns about one particular Catholic RSE resource – called A Fertile Heart – […]

Latest British Social Attitudes survey shows huge generational surge in the non-religious

The latest British Social Attitudes Survey has shown that the share of the population belonging to no religion has continued to grow, now standing at 53%, with 12% Anglicans, 7% Catholics, 18% other Christians, and 9% all other religions. More than that, it also shows that the share of non-religious people will continue to rise […]

Henry Marsh announces advanced cancer, joins 56 MPs and peers in calling for assisted dying inquiry

Do you agree with Henry and the 56 MPs and peers? Then please write to your MP today to ask them to support an inquiry into assisted dying. Acclaimed neurosurgeon and bestselling author Dr Henry Marsh has revealed he may well have only a short time left to live, after being diagnosed with advanced prostate […]

Humanists UK launches season three of its podcast, ‘What I Believe’

Humanists UK is launching season three of its hit-podcast What I Believe, bringing listeners the life philosophies and worldviews of well-known humanists including Richard Dawkins, Carol Smillie, Jim Al-Khalili, and many, many more. Each week, host Andrew Copson speaks to a humanist in the public eye about what they believe, to understand more about the […]

Government fails to condemn ‘rape culture’ RSE resource used in Catholic schools

The UK and Welsh Governments have failed to condemn an RSE resource saying that men were ‘created to initiate sexual relationships’ and women to be ‘receiver-responders’, with the UK Government saying they don’t want to get involved in commenting on individual resources. The Catholic Education Service (CES), which oversees Catholic schools in England and Wales, […]

Government to consult on introducing labelling for non-stunned meat

The Government has confirmed that it intends to launch a consultation later this year into the introduction of labelling for meat products to indicate if the animal was stunned before slaughter. Humanists UK has welcomed the news, as it supports the introduction of such labels. Labelling will enable consumers to make informed ethical choices about […]

Archdiocese: RSE resource saying women are ‘receiver-responders’ in sexual relationships ‘authentically reflects Catholic teaching’

A faith-based RSE resource saying the contraceptive pill is dangerous, that gay and lesbian people cannot marry and must entirely abstain from sex, and that men were ‘created to initiate sexual relationships’ and women to be ‘receiver-responders’ has been defended by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cardiff on the grounds it ‘authentically reflects Catholic teaching’. […]

Teacher suspended over depiction of Muhammad in Batley Grammar School lesson

Controversy has erupted after a teacher showed pupils an image or images of Muhammad in a lesson at Batley Grammar School on Monday. This led to Muslim parents protesting outside the school yesterday and today. The teacher in question has been suspended by the school, which has apologised ‘unequivocally’. Reports from parents say the cartoons […]

Jersey abolishes unnecessary wait times for abortions

Yesterday, the States of Jersey approved legislation, spearheaded by Channel Islands Humanists committee member and Deputy of the States of Jersey Louise Doublet, to abolish the requirement for women and girls to wait seven days between two medical consultations when accessing abortion services. The States of Jersey voted in favour of the legislation by 40 […]

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