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‘Discrimination, pure and simple’: Liberty intervenes in support of Northern Ireland humanist marriage case

The human rights charity Liberty has intervened in support of humanists Laura Lacole and Eunan O’Kane and their case to secure recognition for humanist marriages in Northern Ireland. Calling the lack of such recognition ‘discrimination, pure and simple’, Liberty’s intervention comes as a High Court ruling in favour of the couple is being challenged by […]

Have your say: Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCGs consult on ending homeopathy funding

Take action! You can respond to the consultation on the NHS’s website, and read our model response to help you draft your own. The Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) for Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire have launched a public consultation asking for the thoughts of people locally and nationally on a recommendation to decommission all […]

Humanists UK hosts international conference on threats to liberal democracy and humanism

This weekend, Humanists UK hosted the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) and over 400 humanists from more than 50 countries for a special conference on ‘Populism, extremism, and threats to humanism,’ held at the Royal Society in London. The event was part of a broader weekend of activities surrounding IHEU’s 2017 general assembly, which […]

Department for Education research supports mixed schools over segregated schools

Pupils in ethnically mixed schools are more trusting and have more positive views of children from different backgrounds than do pupils in segregated schools, new Department for Education-commissioned research has revealed. Humanists UK has stated that the findings represent a further blow to Government plans to increase religious selection in the school admissions system. The […]

Proselytising NHS worker disciplined for gross misconduct is refused second appeal by courts

Victoria Wasteney, an NHS worker who was suspended from her role as Head of Forensic Occupational Therapy at East London NHS Foundation Trust after being accused of harassment and bullying, will not be allowed to appeal against the decision that she did not face discrimination on the basis of religion.   In 2013, Wasteney was […]

Government reportedly dropped illegal religious school regulation following Church of England lobbying

The Government may have dropped its proposals for a crackdown on harmful religious supplementary schools, which would have also covered illegal schools, following pressure from the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and the Church of England, it has been reported. In November 2015 the Government proposed to tighten the regulation of ‘out-of-school education settings’ in […]

Government in rethink of fully segregated ‘faith’ schools proposal?

Ministers may be reconsidering controversial proposals to allow new state-funded religious schools to become fully segregated along religious lines, according to Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman, who has stated that ‘admission 100% on faith leads to increased levels of segregation within communities’. Humanists UK, which campaigns in favour of fully inclusive schools and has been […]

Victory for humanists: NHS England to consult on ending homeopathy spending

NHS England has announced that it wants to cease funding homeopathic remedies and other treatments proven to have no efficacy, and has launched a consultation on the matter. The announcement is warmly greeted by Humanists UK, which has campaigned for an end to state funding of homeopathy for many years. In announcing the historic change […]

Humanists UK commences review of how it responds to major incidents

Recent tragedies in London and Manchester have touched everybody and prompted tremendous acts of kindness, compassion, and humanity, both from emergency and public service workers and members of the public, and often through the charity sector. Prompted by recent events, Humanists UK has decided to carry out a review of the support it provides, including […]

Noel Conway’s assisted dying hearing concludes in High Court

Humanists UK member Noel Conway’s claim for an assisted death has been heard by the High Court. The hearing came to an end today, after four days of submissions from his lawyers and from Humanists UK, who intervened in the case in his support. Humanists UK Chief Executive Andrew Copson commented, ‘The hearing in Noel’s […]

Humanist parent in High Court challenge to exclusion from local religious education body

A humanist parent in Wales is to challenge Vale of Glamorgan Council at the High Court in Cardiff over its decision to exclude a humanist representative from the local body responsible for overseeing religious education (RE) in the area. Kathy Riddick, who is also the Coordinator of Wales Humanists, applied to join Vale of Glamorgan’s […]

Humanists UK intervenes in Conway assisted dying case

Today, Humanists UK made oral submissions in the assisted dying case brought by its member Noel Conway, who is seeking to change to law that currently prevents terminally ill people –  those with six months or less to live – from being able to chose a medically assisted death. The case is being heard before […]


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