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Lancashire Council votes for ban on non-stunned meat in schools

Lancashire County Council has voted for a second time to remove non-stunned meat products from its schools. The vote, which took place this afternoon, means that 27 schools catering to 12,000 pupils will now switch from serving meat from animals that were not stunned prior to slaughter to other sources. Humanists UK, which campaigned in […]

Faith school admissions benefit affluent families and are too complex says new study

Some faith schools inherently favour both more strictly religious families and more privileged families through the use of overly complicated and burdensome admissions policies, a new study has found. The research, conducted by Professors Mairi Levitt and Linda Woodhead at Lancaster University, used Leicester’s diverse school system to examine the issues with the current school […]

Teachers learn about humanism

Yesterday over seventy teachers attended Humanists UK’s Understanding Humanism Teachers Conference at Conway Hall. The conference provided primary and secondary teachers with an opportunity to broaden their subject knowledge about both humanism and secularism, and to learn, share, and discuss ideas for teaching about them in the classroom. The conference was bookended with keynote speeches […]

Humanists celebrate tenth anniversary of abolition of blasphemy in England and Wales

On 8 July 2008, section 79 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act came into force, abolishing the criminal offences of blasphemy and blasphemous libel in England and Wales. This was a massive victory for Humanists UK, which had campaigned against the blasphemy laws for over a century, and worked in support of the amendment […]

Church of England proposes to pass law to override bankruptcy claims against its dioceses

The Church of England is considering passing a new law which would prevent secular judges from being able to order the sale of a cathedral as part of bankruptcy procedures, at a meeting of the General Synod in York next week. Several of the Church of England’s 42 cathedrals have fallen into financial difficulties in […]

Government commits to banning ‘conversion therapy’ and other major LGBT protections in action plan

The Government has announced that it will bring forward proposals to end the practice of ‘conversion therapy’, including where it occurs in religious settings, as part of its LGBT Action Plan launched today. Humanists UK, which has repeatedly called for such a ban, including at the UN Human Rights Council in June, has welcomed this […]

High Court upholds ban on abortion clinic protests

Anti-abortion activists have lost their legal challenge against a ban on protesting outside a London abortion clinic, it was announced today. Humanists UK has welcomed the outcome. The legal challenge, heard at the High Court, was launched in response to the enforcement by Ealing Council of a buffer zone around a Marie Stopes abortion clinic. […]

Home use of abortion medication comes into force in Wales

The Welsh Government has issued new guidance to health boards across Wales to allow women to take the second dose of misoprostol, the pill used during a medical termination, in the safety and comfort of their homes rather than being required to make multiple trips to a hospital or clinic. Humanists UK has welcomed this […]

Jersey’s humanist and same-sex marriage law comes into force

But first legal humanist marriages still some months away Jersey’s Law giving legal recognition to humanist and same-sex marriages has received royal assent today. This means the Law has now completed its legislative passage and comes into force today. However, the first legal humanist marriages are still some months away, as celebrants now need to […]

Department for Education guidance: mixed-sex schools must not segregate children

New non-statutory guidance published today by the Department for Education (DfE) states that mixed-sex schools must not segregate children on the basis of the child’s gender, race or religion or belief. Humanists UK, which welcomed the court ruling last year that gender discrimination in religious schools is unlawful, has today welcomed this guidance. The guidance […]

Victory! Court of Appeal in Belfast rules humanist marriage must be legally recognised

The Court of Appeal in Belfast has ruled that humanist celebrants must be registered by the state as able to perform legal marriages for couples. The ruling is a victory for Laura Lacole, a model and public speaker, and Eunan O’Kane, a Leeds United and Republic of Ireland midfielder, who have been campaigning for legal […]

Noel Conway loses Court of Appeal assisted dying case

In a blow for assisted dying campaigners everywhere, Noel Conway has today lost his claim at the Court of Appeal for the right to die. Noel, who is a member of Humanists UK and is being supported by Dignity in Dying, has motor neurone disease, which is terminal and incurable. He is seeking the right […]

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