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Humanists UK welcomes decision to acquit mother who procured abortion pills for her daughter

Humanists UK has welcomed the decision to acquit a mother who faced up to five years in prison for procuring abortion pills for her underage daughter in Northern Ireland, after Humanists UK intervened in a judicial review on the prosecution last year. Today the Belfast Crown Court found the mother not guilty of criminal charges. […]

Humanists launch fundraiser to tackle divisive religious schools

Humanists UK has launched a fundraiser to employ a national campaigner who will work to stop government funding of religious schools and tackle the widespread religious discrimination which occurs in school admissions, employment, and the curriculum. Humanists UK, which leads the campaign to end state funding of religious schools and replace them with schools equally […]

‘Extraordinary’ day as Northern Ireland legalises abortion, same-sex marriage

The decriminalisation of abortion and legal same-sex marriages in Northern Ireland look all but certain to be given the green light at midnight tonight. Northern Ireland Humanists and Humanists UK, which have campaigned for decades on legal same-sex marriages and abortion in Northern Ireland, said it is an ‘extraordinary’ moment for LGBT and women’s rights. […]

Provider of illegal school vows to continue in spite of prosecution

Humanists UK has today reiterated its call for stronger legislation to permanently close illegal religious schools following the news that one of the first providers to be prosecuted for running such a setting has vowed to continue doing so. Nadia Ali, who was prosecuted for running Ambassadors High in Streatham, told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire […]

New relationships and sex education guidance ‘another missed opportunity to fully back LGBT inclusive teaching’

Humanists UK has expressed disappointment that new UK Government guidance on how to manage parental engagement with relationships and sex education (RSE) policy in England represents ‘another missed opportunity to fully back LGBT teaching’ in the subject. In the guidance, the Government sets out what is expected from schools with respect to parental engagement on […]

Baby Loss Awareness Week: humanist funerals and mourning for young lives

For Baby Loss Awareness Week, an important national event promoting awareness about pregnancy issues and baby deaths in the UK, humanist funeral celebrant Sue Baumbach writes about the difficult job of helping families navigate grief through a humanist funeral ceremony. When an infant dies, many families who are religious will turn to religious ministers at […]

Limits on faith selection important for communities – government minister

Campaigners have expressed relief after a minister confirmed the UK Government is ‘not planning to remove the 50% cap’ which prevents new faith academies and free schools from selecting more than half of their pupils on religious grounds. In a letter to the Accord Coalition, of which Humanists UK is a founding member, Lord Agnew […]

Apostates fear violence and abuse in UK, according to new report

The risks apostates face after leaving Islam – including harassment, abuse, and threats of violence – must be considered by the Government when tackling hateful extremism, according to a new independent report which cited evidence submitted by Humanists UK and its apostate-support programme, Faith to Faithless. Earlier this year, Humanists UK and Faith to Faithless […]

Most successful year ever for Humanists UK at party conferences

Humanists UK has enjoyed its busiest and most successful conference season ever, having attended the Liberal Democrats, Labour, and Conservative Party conferences. We spoke and held events at all three with our affiliated political humanist groups, and gained many new members and supporters through our presence with exhibition stands. Liberal Democrats: Humanists UK’s Education Campaigns […]

Legal win for abortion rights in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Humanists has welcomed the High Court of Justice’s ruling today that women in Northern Ireland should be given legal access to abortions in cases where a woman’s pregnancy has a fatal foetal abnormality, in a landmark decision which should guarantee changes to the country’s restrictive abortion laws. The court in Belfast heard that […]

RE to become ‘Religions and Worldviews’ under Welsh Government proposals

The Welsh Government today announced it will consult on a range of education reforms, including renaming religious education (RE) to ‘Religions and Worldviews’. Wales Humanists, which campaigns for inclusive RE and relationships and sexuality education (RSE) and has previously provided submissions to the Welsh Government on proposed curriculum reforms, has said that this is a […]

Welsh Government to propose scrapping the right to withdraw from RE in faith schools

The Welsh Government today announced it will consult on a range of education reforms, seemingly including parents losing the right to opt their children out of instructional, ‘faith-based RE’, igniting fears of indoctrination in religious schools. Wales Humanists, which campaigns for inclusive religious education (RE) and relationships and sexuality education (RSE) and has previously provided […]

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