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Humanists UK and Humanist Students announce free membership for students

Students at university campuses across the UK will for the first time be able to join Humanists UK for free, Hannah Timson, the President of Humanist Students, has announced today. Humanist Students is the student section of Humanists UK, formerly known as the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist, and Secular Student Societies, or AHS. With […]

Humanists UK speaks out against restrictive abortion laws at UN Human Rights Council

Humanists UK has today spoken out against the restrictive abortion laws enforced in many countries around the world, and the worrying religious fervour with which they are enforced, as part of the 36th regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva. Humanists UK has long campaigned in defence of women’s reproductive […]

Humanists UK joins NGOs in urging Government to ‘Fix the Bill’

Humanists UK has joined leading charities, trade unions, and NGOs – including Amnesty International, the Fawcett Society, Unlock Democracy, and Liberty – as part of the Fix the Bill coalition, a new campaign group urging MPs to amend the EU Withdrawal Bill so as not to give unchecked power over to Governments. As part of […]

New poll shows majority in Northern Ireland back same-sex marriage

A new poll released by Northern Ireland polling and market research company, Lucidtalk, has revealed that a majority (61%) of the population are in favour of same-sex marriage. This includes 91% of those who support republican parties, and 93% of those who support neither republican nor unionist parties. Northern Ireland Humanists has again called for […]

New poll reveals just 5% of British Christians became Christian after leaving school

Just 5% of Christians say that they became Christians after reaching the age at which they left school, a new poll commissioned by the Church of England has revealed. The poll, carried out by ComRes, also reveals that just 6% of British adults consider themselves to be practicing Christians. Humanists UK has stated that the […]

Humanists UK signs open letter condemning Government’s refusal to accept over 100 UN Human Rights recommendations

Humanists UK has joined other civil society organisations, organised by the British Institute of Human Rights, in signing an open letter expressing concern at the UK Government’s refusal to accept more than 100 recommendations made by the UN Human Rights Council in its Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of human rights in the United Kingdom. The […]

Humanists UK calls for abolition of blasphemy laws at UN Human Rights Council

In a statement at the 36th regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Humanists UK has once again condemned the limits on freedom of religion or belief and freedom of expression caused by the criminalisation of blasphemy in numerous countries around the world. Reiterating that blasphemy laws violate the rights enshrined under […]

Religious Education not taught in thousands of English schools, new report reveals

More than a quarter of secondary schools in England are not teaching their pupils any religious education (RE), a new report by the National Association of Teachers of RE (NATRE) and Religious Education Council for England and Wales has revealed. Humanists UK, which is a founding member of the RE Council and campaigns in favour […]

Humanists UK launches new series of humanist guides to life’s big questions

Humanists UK has released the first in a new series of guides to living an ethical, humanist life, as part of a series called The Big Questions. The first guide in the series, entitled ‘Living Well’, has been written by author and founder of Life Squared, Richard Docwra, and offers a clear and practical introduction […]

Government does not accept UN recommendations on abortion and LGBT discrimination in Northern Ireland

The Government has published its response to the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of human rights in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The UN’s report, published last month, highlighted the lack of sexual and reproductive rights and discrimination against same-sex couples in Northern Ireland as areas of concern and made recommendations […]

Humanists urge Government to outlaw caste discrimination

Take action! This consultation is open to the public and so Humanists UK encourages those with an interest and knowledge of equality legislation or those with experience of caste discrimination in the UK to submit a response. You can read Humanists UK’s full response as a guide for your own. Deadline for submissions is Monday […]

Isle of Man holds public consultation on abortion law reform

Take action! Have your say on abortion law reform on the Isle of Man. You can respond to the consultation online, and read our response to help you draft your own. The Tynwald (the legislature of the Isle of Man) is currently holding a public consultation on the details of a Private Member’s Bill which […]

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