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If you require any of our booklets urgently for a ceremony, please telephone the office directly on 020 7324 3060 so that we can ensure prompt delivery.

FWG eBook coverOur best-selling practical guide to humanist and non-religious funerals, including a selection of poetry and prose readings.

“This booklet is clear, concise, thorough, exhaustive and wise. It is also very moving. One cannot think of the significance of a humanist death without thinking about the significance of a humanist life, and I gradually found, beneath the facts and practical suggestions, a pretty good account of what it is to be a humanist, and how much more there is to it than just not believing in God.”  David Nobbs, Author – The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin

Physical copy - £9.00

eBook - £2.99

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A practical guide to humanist and non-religious weddings and affirmations, including a selection of popular poetry, prose and sample marriage vows.

Price: £6.50 Out of stock

A practical guide to humanist and non-religious baby naming and welcoming ceremonies, including sample ceremonies, poetry and prose, advice for “guide-parents”, and ideas for special ways of marking the occasion.

Price: £4.00


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