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The father of modern Humanism on life, mortality, religion and humanism.
Price: £4.50

The latest edition of an informative introduction to Humanism. A leading British humanist editor and author, Herrick sets out the basic principles of the philosophy, which emphasizes the human, the here-and-now, and the humane. Humanists are atheists or agnostics and expect no afterlife, he explains, and the essence of humanism is to bring values and meaning into this life.
Price: £9.99

Have you ever wondered if there is a god? Then this book is for you.When people talk about “Christian children”, “Muslim children”, or “Hindu children”, they usually mean children of Christian, Muslim or Hindu parents.But all people are born with a brain of their own. Don’t you want to decide for yourself what to believe?There are many books about all kinds of religions. They contain stories and tales, sometimes beautiful, sometimes frightening, sometimes inspiring, sometimes depressing.This book contains no such tales. Instead, it explains why many believe that gods don’t exist. Read and think. You are the only person who can decide if you believe.

By Patrick Lindenfors
Illustrations by Vanja Schelin

Price: £1.00
A revised and expanded 2008 edition of this popular paperback, introducing the historical development of humanist philosophy and activity. Suitable for adults and teenagers. Illustrated.
Price: £6.50
An excellent source of quotations and humanist thought from Confucius and the Ancient Greeks to today.
Price: £8.00
Covering beliefs, morals, science, free will and death Modern Humanism provides an introduction to humanism in the 21st century, offering straightforward explanations of the humanist position in the modern world.
Price: £7.50
This short course is intended both as an introduction for adults who would like to find out more about Humanism, and also for those who already consider themselves, or think they might be, humanists.The course covers:

What is Humanism?

Making sense of the world

Where do moral values come from?

Applying humanist ethics

Humanism: its history and humanist organisations today

Are you a humanist?

All sections include questions for discussion and suggestions for further reading – and they may be photocopied for group study.

Now in its 6th reprint, this 58-page A5 booklet has been revised and redesigned for 2011.


Price: £5.00
The perfect gift for a thoughtful friend. This pocket-sized book is packed with quotes from the world’s greatest thinkers and philosophers, and offers inspiration, wisdom and reassurance to non-religious and sceptics alike.
Price: £4.50
Novelist E M Forster was a member of Humanists UK’s Advisory Council. This pamphlet includes his speeches and essays on Humanism.
Price: £3.00


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